All right, now that both the question and feedback slides are created, it's probably a good idea to take a moment and preview our project to see how things are working. We don't want to add a dozen questions before learning we have an alignment or spacing issue in one of the slides.

You can always view the Final version and download the source files if you're following along.

We'll also make a list of updates we still need to make to the quiz.

Previewing the quiz

Let's take a quick peak at our work. Beginning in Quizmaker's Question View, click Preview

What changes or updates are needed?

Functionally, our quiz works as we intended. The quiz begins with the question slide. The question slide contains three choices that take the learner to the feedback slide. But while the quiz functions correctly, there are still some customizations we can make to refine our quiz.

General updates

  • Modify the colors to remove the default gray theme
  • Change the Quiz Title to something more meaningful
  • Remove question list navigation from the player template

Question slide updates:

  • Remove sound effects
  • Animate the host and choice boxes
  • Remove highlight over radio button. Quizmaker doesn't have a "disable" option for the hover state, but we can make the hover background the same color as the choice box.

Feedback slide updates:

  • Animate the feedback boxes and feedback text

What's next?

In the next lesson we'll add some subtle Fly In and Fade In animations to our host and choice boxes.

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