Let's get started creating our project. We don't have starting file in this example since we're building everything from the ground up.

You can always view the Final version and download the source files if you're following along.

Begin by creating a new Multiple Choice quiz in Quizmaker.

STEP 1: Creating the first question in Form View

  1. Open RSI_Storyboard.docx > Copy Question 1 and Paste the question into the ENTER THE QUESTION field
  2. From the Display menu change Feedback to None and Shuffle to None
  3. For Choice A, B and C, enter A, B and C
  4. Select C as the Correct choice

NOTE: For the choices, we're going to do something a little different. We aren't going to paste the choices into Form View. The reason will be clear in a little while, but for now we only want placeholder text listed for choices.

STEP 2: Resizing and formatting text boxes in Slide View

We've done all we can in Form View. Now we'll move into Slide View so we can insert multiple images and lay them out on the slide to match our original course design.

  1. Move over to Slide View by clicking the Slide View icon
  2. Shift click each choice text box. This works just like selecting multiple text boxes in PowerPoint.
  3. Right-click one of the selected text boxes and select Format Shape...
  4. In the Text Box tab, select Autofit > Do not Autofit
  5. Click-drag one of the sides on the right and drag to the left to resize
  6. Click Close
  7. With the text boxes still selected, click-drag the end selection handle to the left.
  8. Continue dragging until the text box for each radio button is the shape of a square
  9. Click-drag the text boxes and move them closer to the center of the slide

Why did we do this?

We're setting up Quizmaker to take advantage of its quizzing logic but working with our own visual layout and design. This is where Quizmaker gives you the best of both worlds: rapid quizzing logic in a PowerPoint slide authoring environment.

What's next?

In the next lesson we'll insert our graphics and continue laying out our elements. The process is just like working with images and shapes in PowerPoint.

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