In this final lesson, I want to show you how you can work with the RSI model in Quizmaker. One of the benefits of RSI is that after your question and feedback slides are created, you don't have to create anything new. To add new questions and feedback, you can simply duplicate the slides and update with new content. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

You can always view the Final version and download the source files if you're following along.

STEP 1: Question Groups

Quizmaker's Question Groups help organize your quiz questions. You can have one or more questions in a group. And since our quiz is based on two slides - question and feedback - that's how many we'll keep in a group.

  1. From the Question List, click Question Group 1 to select it
  2. Duplicate the the group by first pressing Control-C and then pressing Control-V. You now have two Question Groups titled Question Group 1.
  3. Double-click the first Question Group 1 and rename it Question 1
  4. Double-click the second group and rename it Question 2

Now that the question group titles are updated, we can update the question and feedback for Question 2.

STEP 2: Updating Question 2 choices

Once again we'll return to our RSI_Storyboard for questions and feedback.

  1. Begin by opening the Multiple Choice question for Question 2 group
  2. Click Slide View to modify the question and choices.
  3. Copy the Question 2 question from the RSI_Storyboard and return to Quizmaker
  4. In Quizmaker, select the current Question 1 text and replace it with the Question 2 text you just copied from the storyboard
  5. Copy Choice A, B and C from the storyboard and replace the existing quiz choices
  6. Click the Choice B radio button to indicate it's the correct answer
  7. Reposition the text choices as needed. Remember, the positioning used in the question slide will be used for the feedback slide. Make your adjustments now.
  8. Copy the updated question text and choice text boxes by shift-clicking all four text boxes
  9. Click Save & Close to return to the Question List

STEP 3: Updating Question 2 feedback

With all three choice text boxes selected, you're ready to update the Question 2 feedback slide.

  1. Open Question 2's Blank Slide by double-clicking the thumbnail
  2. Click Slide View so you can edit the feedback slide
  3. Shift-click the question and choice text boxes and then press Delete
  4. Press Control-V to paste the copied text boxes into place
  5. Reposition the feedback icons so the correct icon is over Choice B and the incorrect icon is over Choice C. You may need to move the icons around to accommodate the change in text size.
  6. Recolor Choice_C_bg to white by going to Format > Recolor > No Recolor
  7. Recolor Choice_B_bg to green by going to Format > Recolor > More Variations > Standard Colors and selecting bright green
  8. Replace the Q2_StepImage image with Q3_StepImage using Change Picture...
  9. From the RSI_Storyboard, select the Question 2 feedback text and copy it
  10. In Quizmaker, replace the existing feedback text and update it with the text you just copied from the storyboard. Formatting will probably default to the title text. If it does, you'll need to change the body text to Normal and size 10.5.
  11. Click Save & Close
  12. Preview your quiz


That's pretty much all there is to the RSI in Quizmaker. The biggest work effort is coming up with the initial look and feel for the question and feedback slides. After that, it's only a matter of duplicating the Question Group and updating the question, choices and feedback.

We added some enhancements such as animations and player customizations. You can make it as simple or complex as you want to. Because the learning design is already determined in the RSI model, you can use the extra development time to customize your quiz.

Paul Smit

Hi guys, Thanks for this, it's going to be very useful for a character-based scenario that we're putting together. However, I have a question that relates to branching: Is it possible to have two customised feedback slides per question, so that the one gives feedback for a right answer and the other for the wrong answer? If it's not possible, it's not the end of the world, because I see that you can still set up the question so that it goes to the customised feedback slide for a right answer and shows a popup for the wrong answer (the popup can then branch to the next question, skipping the positive feedback slide). The downside to this though is that the level of feedback for the wrong answer is limited. Of course, swapping it around to have a customised negative feedback ... Expand

David Anderson
Paul Smit
Hector Barrios Graziani