7 beautiful e-learning title slides

You’ve probably noticed that many e-learning courses start with a title slide. But what exactly is a title slide? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a slide featuring the title of the course, typically the first slide learners see when they launch a course.

In addition to displaying the course title, a title slide often has some nice imagery, perhaps a subtitle, and usually a “Next” or “Continue” button that learners can click to launch into the material. If you’re personalizing your course by having learners enter their username up front, this often happens on the title slide as well.

Your title slide is important because it’s the first impression users get of your course—and learners do judge e-learning courses within moments of launching them! So take the opportunity to captivate them with a great-looking title slide. Here are some creative and beautifully designed examples to inspire you.

Example 1 | Ebola Virus Course

This example shows how something extremely simple can still be elegant and beautiful. A faded background made of shapes and centered text creates a clean and streamlined look. A fun detail: the “L” in Ebola is created by the placing the word “virus” in its place. Now that’s original!

Example 2 | Employee Health Course

This example uses a vibrant background image, but the course title text still stands out sharply because it’s placed over the top of a semi-transparent dark gray rectangle. This example also features a nice, clean username entry field and “Submit” button to add a personal aspect to the course.

Example 3 | Edibles Course

Here’s another example that shows how a background image can be all you need to create a great-looking title slide. A beautiful header font and a fun semi-circle “Next” button on the slide edge top it all off.

Example 4 | Math Course

Don’t have a great background photo to use? No problem. This example demonstrates that simple shapes and fun, bright colors can be all you need to create a title slide that pops. If you watch the demo you’ll see there are also some great animations that add interest.

Example 5 | Buy It or Build It Course

Stacking the text, popping in an extra-large question mark, and using various colors for the title creates a beautiful typographic effect. The arrow pointing to the “Start” button also leaves no room for guessing when it comes to what the learner needs to do!

Example 6 | Blueprints Course

This example uses a mix of shapes and imagery to create a fun grid effect on the title slide. Click the “Get Started” button to watch the blue rectangle shape turn into the course menu.

Example 7 | Payroll 101 Course

This studio examples features a blurred background image with text and shapes overlaid on top. A fun font and animations add a nice touch!

There you have it! You’ll see some common elements: text, background images, shapes, and “Continue” buttons. Hopefully these examples will give you some ideas for how to design your next title slide. Do you have any tips or tricks of your own when it comes to designing a title slide? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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