Videos are a great way to capture learners’ attention, render information visually, and give them a break from text-heavy content.

There are tons of ways to start incorporating videos into your training content. Swap out your forty-lesson course with a series of quick videos that provide learners with details in a conversational setting. Or replace a job manual with a short-form video, such as a screencast that shows learners how to use a new product.

You can even add interactivity to videos with powerful Storyline 360 features including cue points, hotspots, and more. These features make it easy to highlight important objects or invite learners to take action at a specific time in the video. The result? You’re creating a realistic environment for learners as they familiarize themselves with new concepts and processes.

Ready to use videos in your next course? Press play on these examples from the community to spark your imagination:

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