Make your Storyline 360 courses more relatable with an ever-growing library of photographic and illustrated characters. Choose from more than 100,000 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses.

Adding a Character

In Slide View, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Characters. (You can also import characters directly into the media library.)

When the character browser opens, choose a character, expression, pose, and perspective, then click Insert.

Choose a character, expression, pose, and perspective; then click Insert.

If the character you want to use isn’t installed on your computer yet, hover over it and click the Download from 360 button that appears. (An orange circle with an exclamation point will appear if you’re disconnected from Articulate 360.)

Click the "Download from 360" button to add the character to your local library.

Click the filters on the left side of the character browser to narrow your search. (To turn off a filter, just click the category again.)

Use the drop-down in the upper right corner to change the sort order, and use the slider in the bottom left corner to zoom in and out.

Characters behave like other images in Storyline. After adding them to your course, you can move, resize, crop, format, and animate them.

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