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In several recent E-Learning Heroes community discussions, I've noticed that the topic of navigation instructions (aka click instructions, navigation help/tutorials) has kickstarted some pretty lively debates! After reading the comments on one of Allison LaMotte’s recent articles, “Course Navigation Instructions: To Include or Not to Include, That Is the Question,” one thing became clear to me: many of us are looking for design ideas to help us integrate navigation instructions into our course in a way that’s helpful and effective, yet not too in-your-face.

If your audience or Subject Matter Experts require you to add navigation instructions to your courses, three of the most unobtrusive design approaches I’ve seen are:

1. Adding instructions to a lightbox on the course player.

A personal favorite, this approach uses one of Articulate Storyline’s most powerful features, lightboxes, to get navigation instructions out of the learner’s way, while still making them easily accessible throughout the course.

2. Building in time-sensitive/context-sensitive prompts.

When the learner hasn't made a move in a while, this solution helps you give them a gentle context-sensitive nudge in the right direction.

3. Giving learners the ability to opt out of instructions.
Launching a new user interface? This option can be a great way to offer a helping hand to learners who need one, while empowering the more savvy users to dig right in to your great content.

Rather than one long how-to video walking you through all of these ideas, I thought it might be fun and helpful to take a meta approach and assemble a few examples of the above ideas in Storyline.

View the demo

Download the .story file

E-Learning Navigation Design Resources

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