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Alison L. replied to the discussion DevLearn UPDATED FOR 2021
"Okay. Well ME and my Vaccine card will be looking for y'all at the DL21 Articulate User Conference on OCT 19. (pst) flights are cheap aga..."
  • 1 month ago09/04/21 at 11:33 pm (UTC)
"HEY! Anyone got any POST-graduate ....PHDs...Drs... and the ilk At the time, Penn State Great Valley Graduate Center (aka Graduate ..."
  • 1 month ago09/04/21 at 11:31 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Learning Battle Cards
"From a strictly eLearning perspective, I don't think they would be quiteas useful. I thought this was an interesting insight, especially ..."
  • 3 months ago07/31/21 at 9:51 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Animated Accordions
"The links at the top to the .story no longer exist as of JUNE 2021. BUT!! (& I'm so glad I can format this)... the .story file ..."
  • 4 months ago06/16/21 at 9:03 pm (UTC)
"Ahhh. yes. That's the other one I've had forever. I was so glad when they reduced their individual annual subscription. Could you r..."
  • 6 months ago04/27/21 at 6:22 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion um. Who is Anna Sabramowicz?
"no right. I've been trying to be a "good" Lxder(.com!) for years, but been forced a lot to be doing events/presentations/click next or fu..."
  • 9 months ago02/02/21 at 5:57 pm (UTC)
"In case you were curious, the book goes on to focus on the 5 internal skills and capabilities: Total development and training cost ..."
  • 9 months ago02/01/21 at 11:08 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Tips on designing layouts
"If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud thingy you have access to ADOBE XD. Good for wireframing and prototyping"
  • 1 year ago08/24/20 at 7:09 pm (UTC)
"I was searching for something else, and this came up as a result, but I noticed no one replied. I'm guessing it's a bit late to let you k..."
  • 1 year ago08/22/20 at 7:21 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion I mucked up my Master Slides?
"The font theme didn't pick up everything (but THANK YOU for taking the time to do that!!). I found that the new'ish TEXT STYLES . Just ma..."
  • 1 year ago08/22/20 at 7:18 pm (UTC)
"I tend to find weekends are NOT a good time to be asking questions, since anyone that does for "work" tends to use it during "work hours"..."
  • over 1 year ago04/21/20 at 8:23 pm (UTC)
"I was wondering how you made out with this, then I saw the new "BRIDGE" LMS. And they don't actually DO xAPI? Unless they've been lying t..."
  • over 1 year ago04/19/20 at 3:17 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Engage Interactions in Storyline 3
"I would still like to know if/what Ricardo did (although I was using engage 360 and storyline 360), but about 3 months ago I had the exa..."
  • over 1 year ago03/23/20 at 7:57 pm (UTC)
"BRIDGE LMS (and SL 360) (THUMBS UP!) (of course uploading a to create a course gets you a "CERTIFICATE" option (et..."
  • over 1 year ago02/16/20 at 10:00 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Quick Q: SCORE: BY CHOICE?
":-O but but WHY would you use partial scoring on MC (or why NOT MR) ? Is it me? It must be me. Multiple choice? Really? That's jus..."
  • over 1 year ago02/12/20 at 10:29 pm (UTC)
"Oh. So I think because I had previously used the Content Library, and had the Theme set to LIGHT, the next time I SLIDES --> Gra..."
  • over 1 year ago02/10/20 at 11:25 pm (UTC)
"WHOA. And also seems like the any way you try to Insert Slides does give you the visual screen and text underneath of "Built-In Graded Qu..."
  • over 1 year ago02/10/20 at 7:33 pm (UTC)
"It looks like your "any of these properties" page:"
  • 2 years ago09/28/19 at 9:55 pm (UTC)
"Hey sir, so according to my LMS's SCORM Package Best Practices PDF: SCORM 2004 and 4th edition and yes. I was considerin..."
  • 2 years ago09/18/19 at 5:16 pm (UTC)
"Ah.. see, didnt know the timeline could/would restart like that. See, this is why you should keep your Player ui (in this case playbar) o..."
  • 2 years ago09/15/19 at 9:32 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Time & Date Variables in Storyline
"These comments have taken on new life and meaning since the initial post and comments. I'm just surprised the analog clock post : ht..."
  • 2 years ago08/29/19 at 12:45 am (UTC)
"Unless there is a reason you aren't sharing the .story file? It would be nice to get into the guts and see how the javascript is being us..."
  • 2 years ago08/29/19 at 12:39 am (UTC)
"Nope. In fact if you can point me in any direction that get's me info how to utilize SetVar and GetVar or how they work (i know where... ..."
  • 2 years ago08/23/19 at 4:46 pm (UTC)
Alison L. replied to the discussion Drag and drop design advice
"How about. Create a table for your "drops" Label rows and columns Create a rectangle inside one of the "drop" cells to deter..."
  • 2 years ago08/22/19 at 6:38 pm (UTC)
"Ashley Terwilliger out team is looking into new ways to add this functionality back into a built-in option, So I stumbled on this pos..."
  • 2 years ago08/21/19 at 6:46 pm (UTC)