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Amanda Nielsen published a new download Storyline: Pride Flag Drag and Drop
"Celebrate LGBTQ+ pride month all year long with this interactive download. Make learning about LGBTQ+ history a fun, hands-on experience ..."
  • 7 days ago05/20/22 at 8:55 pm (UTC)
"Each organization has unique training needs based on factors like the company’s size, industry, or location. But one training need that a..."
  • 10 days ago05/17/22 at 12:49 pm (UTC)
"Designing e-learning on serious topics like health and safety poses an interesting challenge: how do you create a course that conveys cri..."
  • 28 days ago04/29/22 at 3:19 pm (UTC)
"Hi Teknikutbildarna and Kasia! You should have the ability to randomly draw a specific number of questions from a question bank when c..."
  • 1 month ago04/27/22 at 12:40 pm (UTC)
"Hi Dan, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think those are awesome ideas. If you haven't already done so, I recommend sharing your id..."
  • 1 month ago04/21/22 at 4:45 pm (UTC)
"Hi Bruce, That's a great idea! If you haven't already, I encourage you to share more details about your suggestion through our feature..."
  • 1 month ago04/21/22 at 4:44 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen replied to the discussion Very Peri Button Set Downlad
"Thanks so much for sharing this with the community, Jodi! We love it so much that we decided to feature it on our E-Learning Downloads hu..."
  • 1 month ago04/19/22 at 4:55 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article 3 Reasons You’ll Love Question Banks in Rise 360
"Quizzes are a key component of any e-learning course. They not only allow you to measure learners’ knowledge, but also gauge the effectiv..."
  • 9 months ago09/13/21 at 1:14 pm (UTC)
"Onboarding, the process of introducing a new employee to an organization or role, is one of the most popular types of training—and for go..."
  • 2 months ago04/06/22 at 6:43 pm (UTC)
"Hi Paul! We loved this example so much that we decided to add it to our E-Learning Examples hub. You can view the post here. Thanks again..."
  • 2 months ago04/06/22 at 6:54 pm (UTC)
"I’m a big fan of making lists in my day-to-day life—from my grocery list, to my daily to-do list, to my bucket list. So it’s probably no ..."
  • 2 months ago03/22/22 at 12:00 pm (UTC)
"Hi Kelly, Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts on features you'd like to see! Articulate is always open to hearing ide..."
  • 3 months ago03/04/22 at 9:53 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article 7 Reasons Stakeholders Love Review 360
"As a course creator, you want to make sure the e-learning you create hits the mark—that’s why getting feedback from subject matter expert..."
  • 3 months ago03/03/22 at 1:49 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article Asynchronous Learning
"Asynchronous learning is virtual training—or e-learning—available to take any time, anywhere. Asynchronous learning comes in a variety of..."
  • 3 months ago02/22/22 at 3:41 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article Hosting Platform
"A hosting platform is a software application that allows you to upload, store, and share content—like e-learning courses—online. Hosting ..."
  • 3 months ago02/16/22 at 2:22 pm (UTC)
"Hi Chris, I love the idea of a high contrast option! And you're right that when using the technique I showed here, you do have to be m..."
  • 3 months ago02/15/22 at 7:49 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article 3 New Ways to Create Courses Fast in Rise 360
"Building courses in Rise 360 has always been fast and easy, but did you know it just got even faster? With over 1,000 course and lesson t..."
  • 4 months ago02/10/22 at 3:56 pm (UTC)
"Hi Paul, Thanks so much for sharing this with the community! I love your use of the 360° image. Also, nice touch capturing and referencin..."
  • 4 months ago02/09/22 at 7:06 pm (UTC)
"Hi Megan! Sarah shared a downloadable project almost identical to this one, which you can check out here. I hope that helps! "
  • 4 months ago02/09/22 at 6:55 pm (UTC)
"Hi ML, I'm excited to hear you're beginning your Instructional Design career! The E-Learning Heroes community has some great examples of ..."
  • 4 months ago02/09/22 at 6:21 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen replied to the discussion feedback please!
"Hi Noor, Thank you so much for sharing your project with the community! I love the color scheme and imagery you included. And as Ang ment..."
  • 4 months ago02/09/22 at 6:05 pm (UTC)
"Hi Laurie! You're right that each template theme has loads of slide options. In the case of the project I created in this article, I o..."
  • 4 months ago02/08/22 at 1:49 pm (UTC)
"Hi Yige! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the article!"
  • 4 months ago02/08/22 at 1:43 pm (UTC)
Amanda Nielsen published a new article Making the Business Case for E-Learning
"Organizations are adopting e-learning at an exponential rate. There are lots of reasons companies choose to add e-learning to their train..."
  • 4 months ago02/01/22 at 4:29 pm (UTC)
"Hi Kandice! Great question. I prefer to stick to one template theme since each Content Library 360 template theme has loads of slide o..."
  • 4 months ago01/26/22 at 9:51 pm (UTC)