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Andrzej Rudnik published a new download Animated Tabs Interaction
"A fast-paced, animated tabs interaction shared in the tabs e-learning challenge. Demo: View"
  • 8 years ago06/12/14 at 11:39 am (UTC)
"Thx Tatia. It is it is really good idea with Pinterest board David - all in one :)"
  • over 8 years ago03/27/14 at 3:05 pm (UTC)
"Maybe it's too late but You all so much inspire that i want to give something back to you. Here's my attempt: https://dl.dropboxusercont..."
  • over 8 years ago03/26/14 at 2:52 pm (UTC)
"Lara I think this link will be helpful: When you create pu..."
  • over 8 years ago10/29/13 at 1:47 pm (UTC)
"I'm glad I could help. "
  • over 8 years ago10/28/13 at 11:53 am (UTC)
"It's my pleasure."
  • over 8 years ago10/28/13 at 5:43 am (UTC)
"oh noo :( I'm really sorry that I did not respond earlier but I had no access to the Internet - long duration holidays. I don't know if ..."
  • over 8 years ago10/27/13 at 2:35 pm (UTC)
"Hi everyone, My solutions for this is here. Helpful link to do this solve in Storyline is here. You will find there solution to send date..."
  • over 8 years ago10/07/13 at 4:38 pm (UTC)
Andrzej Rudnik replied to the discussion Consistent audio levels?
"Hi a mac I always use an external software. For audio - audacity. For qucick video editing - FormatFacotry. "
  • over 8 years ago10/07/13 at 2:08 pm (UTC)
"Here is my attempt: I was inspired by templatemonster (as a..."
  • almost 9 years ago09/21/13 at 4:09 pm (UTC)
Andrzej Rudnik commented on the article Gate Screens in Online Courses #3
"Great design Montese!"
  • almost 9 years ago09/17/13 at 12:29 pm (UTC)
"Here is my interaction. Its not left or right one, but I believe can be inspiring for sbd."
  • almost 9 years ago09/11/13 at 6:23 am (UTC)
Andrzej Rudnik replied to the discussion HTML5 JavaScript support
"Here you can see table compares the Storyline features that are supported in the Flash Player, HTML5."
  • 10 years ago05/30/12 at 4:10 am (UTC)