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Bruce Holliday started a new discussion Storyline to Coldfusion to Email
"Hi, I could use a little help here.  Im trying to send text out of Storyline to be parsed by a coldfusion page which will handle mailing ..."
  • 8 years ago05/16/14 at 3:56 am (UTC)
"Hi, There's a couple of solutions you could try. Google Swiffy at This will convert swf..."
  • 8 years ago05/16/14 at 3:47 am (UTC)
"Hi everyone, This is a 360 room done using Flash and a VR component, Ive added hotspots and feedback to objects in the room. It gets call..."
  • 8 years ago05/16/14 at 3:41 am (UTC)
"Hi M, I'm responding to your question because I have a need to allow users to: a. input textual information into text boxes b. show them ..."
  • 8 years ago05/09/14 at 3:42 am (UTC)
"Hello Ashley, I will check which update I am using and try agin. Im more convinced Ive got a bug after watching this video of button sate..."
  • 8 years ago04/02/14 at 12:37 pm (UTC)
Bruce Holliday started a new discussion Password Check Activity
"Hi, Ive come up with a seed of an idea using an input text box setup with an empty variable called %password% which gets submitted to the..."
  • 8 years ago04/01/14 at 2:56 am (UTC)
"Hello Alex and Ashley, Thank you for your input into solving the problem I was experiencing. Your solution of using a mega hotspot was on..."
  • 8 years ago03/31/14 at 1:00 am (UTC)
"Hi Jesse, Please find my activity file attached. Kind regards, Bruce"
  • 8 years ago03/28/14 at 3:25 am (UTC)
Bruce Holliday started a new discussion Object State does not return to Normal (default state)
"Hi, I have 2 buttons set up to change the state of an object from Normal to state 1 or state 2 depending on which button is hovered over...."
  • 8 years ago03/27/14 at 1:06 pm (UTC)
Bruce Holliday started a new discussion Scrolling Panel maximum items
"Hi, Is there a limit to the number of objects in a scrolling panel ? I have a 6 images and 6 hotspots that I want to put in a scrolling p..."
  • 8 years ago03/19/14 at 7:22 am (UTC)
Bruce Holliday started a new discussion Drag, Drop AND Rotate
"Hi, I'm new to Storyline and I think its a great product with loads of potential. I may have stumbled upon a novel idea. I wondered if an..."
  • over 8 years ago12/11/13 at 4:55 am (UTC)
"Hello Darlesa, What an interesting problem. I was so intrigued that I did a few tests. First of all I located the swf files that run wit..."
  • over 10 years ago11/30/11 at 2:15 am (UTC)
Bruce Holliday started a new discussion White Space
"Hello, Im experiencing a problem with presenter when using a browser at varying sizes. Sometimes the slide fills the entire slide area an..."
  • over 10 years ago11/28/11 at 3:39 am (UTC)