Cheryl Kent
Cheryl Kent
eResources Librarian at Keele University
  • Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Storyline 3 updated - now replay won't work
"Hello, I applied the latest release of storyline 3 yesterday; have just opened replay to insert a video but it only inserts the audio not..."
  • over 1 year ago05/05/21 at 10:03 am (UTC)
"Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help and practical advice. During lockdown we have replaced our face-to-face talk & leafle..."
  • over 1 year ago02/24/21 at 9:56 am (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Quiz Review (storyline3) - tick in odd place
"Hello, I am working on a quiz in storyline 3. However when I review the quiz (from the results page) I seem to be getting a tiny green ti..."
  • almost 2 years ago09/23/20 at 1:31 pm (UTC)
"Hello, I have a slide with one layer. I have audio on the slide and on the layer, no animation. I have the seek bar for both the slide an..."
  • over 2 years ago03/03/20 at 2:53 pm (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Lost characters
"Hello, I've done a recent storyline 3 update and have now lost all the characters I had available from my previous storyline 2 purchase. ..."
  • over 2 years ago02/27/20 at 11:02 am (UTC)
"Hello, I have a number of courses where I have used drag & drop quizzes - using them to ask the user to group items together into par..."
  • almost 3 years ago11/07/19 at 1:37 pm (UTC)
"Hello, I'm checking keyboard access to one of my tutorials and I don't seem to be getting any focus on my tutorial at all when I use the..."
  • over 3 years ago04/17/19 at 8:20 am (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Any way to mimic password to asterix input?
"Hello, I am doing some step-by-step instructions and would like the user to mimic entering their username / password. I have used input..."
  • almost 4 years ago10/11/18 at 3:02 pm (UTC)
"Hello, we have been using Storyline 2 for a couple of years now and are looking to upgrade to Storyline 3. We use templates for our sli..."
  • almost 5 years ago11/14/17 at 12:17 pm (UTC)
"Hello, I currently have Storyline 2, which includes Articulate Replay. I find Replay very helpful to create short demo videos. I'm thin..."
  • almost 5 years ago11/07/17 at 9:38 am (UTC)
"Hello, we currently have a number of tutorials created with storyline 2 and made available as Flash objects. I'm looking to go HTML5-on..."
  • 5 years ago07/06/17 at 11:27 am (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Problem dragging items within a scrolling panel
"Hi, I am having a problem trying to create a drag & drop interaction. I want my users to be able to drag 9 items (images) and drop ..."
  • over 5 years ago05/18/17 at 9:34 am (UTC)
"Hi, I am trying to retrieve the Quiz Results Variables eg results.scorepoints so that I can use them for users to print out a report of ..."
  • over 5 years ago02/01/17 at 3:41 pm (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Add your own icon to a button?
"Hello, does anyone know if you can add your own icon to a button control?"
  • over 5 years ago12/07/16 at 4:27 pm (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion "can't load plugin", google chrome and storyline
"Hi, not sure if anyone can help with this - probably not a storyline issue? Anyway when trying to run my storyline files in chrome on o..."
  • 6 years ago07/15/16 at 8:11 am (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Can you change the print results layout?
"Hello, I'm using short answer and essay questions to allow my learners to enter their own comments as they work through my tutorial. I'm..."
  • over 6 years ago04/19/16 at 1:25 pm (UTC)
"Hello, I am creating a sort of video gallery. I have thumbnail images which when clicked will show a layer with a relevant video on it. ..."
  • almost 7 years ago11/13/15 at 12:31 pm (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Healthcare Photographic Characters
"Hi, I'm having a slight mental block here. I trialed storyline2 in the summer and am sure when clicking on the photographic character se..."
  • almost 7 years ago10/05/15 at 4:32 pm (UTC)
Cheryl Kent started a new discussion Problem running mobile html5 version of tutorial
"Hi, I have been assessing the trial version of Storyline 2. I have created some tutorials and published them using the web, html5 option..."
  • 7 years ago08/12/15 at 9:17 am (UTC)