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Greg Friese replied to the discussion Audio and video length
"I also have this same question about the length of a video that can be inserted into an Articulate Storyline slide.  Thanks."
  • 8 years ago08/21/12 at 11:13 am (UTC)
"Meta tagging ... for the photos? Nope.  Even though I have thousands of photos I have never had time to organize those photos into anythi..."
  • over 8 years ago04/25/12 at 5:28 pm (UTC)
"I keep it simple and usually use and Excel doc. Columns for slide number, photo description, props and actors, and photo source. "
  • over 8 years ago04/25/12 at 5:14 pm (UTC)
"I also usually use a shot list that is a brief description of the photo(s) I need for each slide. I usually shoot many more photos than I..."
  • over 8 years ago04/25/12 at 5:16 am (UTC)
"Our seek bar is visible but not enabled. In your quick test example I can slide the seek bar far to the right and immediately finish the ..."
  • over 8 years ago04/13/12 at 8:46 am (UTC)
"Justin,  Navigation on the course is restricted. The seekbar is enabled, but only to show the user's progress within the slide. So really..."
  • over 8 years ago04/13/12 at 7:30 am (UTC)
"We have a series of AP movies followed by a final exam.  The navigation is restricted for each movie. If a user pauses a movie, logs out,..."
  • over 8 years ago04/13/12 at 7:17 am (UTC)
"I was thinking I could have done the single slide AP movie. With your encouragement I gave it a try.  This is link for the single slide A..."
  • over 8 years ago03/29/12 at 8:33 am (UTC)
Greg Friese started a new discussion Changing Output Size of an Engage Interaction
"Built an engage interaction, process, and was asked if I could increase the output size.  Found my answer in a 6 year old post in the old..."
  • over 8 years ago03/28/12 at 2:53 pm (UTC)
"In the past teaching hospitals had medical photographers on staff. I am guessing with the proliferation of digital cameras and easy editi..."
  • over 8 years ago02/24/12 at 11:15 am (UTC)
"Medical illustrator advice ...  1) Buy the LifeART collections of anatomy and images 2) Use PowerPoint image editing and animation tool..."
  • over 8 years ago02/24/12 at 7:45 am (UTC)
"I do a couple of things:  1) Use my family and friends for staging photos of pre-hospital emergencies (you can see some examples here, ht..."
  • over 8 years ago02/24/12 at 7:41 am (UTC)
"Lots of good ideas so far. I also use the * to mark where animations will be added Our courses have lots of medical terminology so I oft..."
  • over 8 years ago01/18/12 at 5:14 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Looking for your opinion on a graphic
"Excellent graphic Zara. Now you just need to animate KITT coming out the back at highway speed and racing past the truck down the highway..."
  • over 8 years ago01/12/12 at 5:45 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Animate Introduction Slide in Engage.
"Mohammad, This Screenr shows how to use PowerPoint to make the .swf and insert it into an engage interaction."
  • over 8 years ago01/09/12 at 6:27 am (UTC)
"I would set the navigation to advanced by user and then create an object/button on the screen with the text "Push Play" that is hyperlink..."
  • over 8 years ago01/05/12 at 5:53 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Question about Image Licensing
"Good reminder that capturing your own photos, whenever possible, is often faster, cheaper, and less hassle than trying to find photos on ..."
  • almost 9 years ago12/30/11 at 6:02 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Quality Medical Images and Sounds
"I use a lot of images from the LifeART collections of anatomy."
  • almost 9 years ago10/03/11 at 5:50 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Superscirpt text or symbols
"I couldn't figure out how to do this with (r) or (c).But .... Our lessons frequently have medical abbreviations like O2, CO2, EtCO2, SpO2..."
  • 9 years ago08/10/11 at 7:45 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Need ideas for a CSR lesson!
"In addition to answering Jeanette's question about learning objectives I also think you need to identify what features/benefits of e-lear..."
  • 9 years ago08/08/11 at 6:44 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Tablet Apps for Instructional Design
"I think Google+ is a great app for instructional designers because it allows me to capture images and videos and then instantly upload th..."
  • 9 years ago08/02/11 at 9:39 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Tablets
"Phillips, apps for instructional design might be a good new thread."
  • 9 years ago08/02/11 at 7:15 am (UTC)
Greg Friese replied to the discussion Copy & Paste a table in Word to Engage
"Nina, I made a screenr of the process Phil describes: Also you can right click on a table and..."
  • over 9 years ago06/30/11 at 5:22 am (UTC)
"Mark, Great example, especially the tribute to tuba players. I played the Sousaphone in the University of Wisconsin marching band (89-94)."
  • over 9 years ago06/27/11 at 5:52 am (UTC)
"Thanks Jeanette for sharing my screenr. Mark I will look forward to seeing what you come up with. It just occurred to me that motion pa..."
  • over 9 years ago06/22/11 at 7:34 am (UTC)