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Creator of Instructional Products - specializing in building products for customer, member or professional audience. at Spark + Co.
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"Very happy for the publish to video option - this makes creating a suite of re-purpose-able project assets much easier! Communications, p..."
  • over 3 years ago02/27/18 at 5:47 pm (UTC)
Holly MacDonald commented on the article Announcing 10 Brand New Super Heroes
"I am so pleased to be part of this community, and glad to contribute. There's lots to learn on so many levels. I'm humbled to be included..."
  • almost 4 years ago11/20/17 at 4:06 pm (UTC)
"Paul - your link is broken, is there anyway you can reshare this?"
  • 5 years ago10/07/16 at 3:36 pm (UTC)
"That is GREAT news!"
  • 6 years ago09/25/15 at 3:14 pm (UTC)
"Hi Greg - I am working on adding more designers to my associate pool and find that their understanding of how design works in elearning a..."
  • over 6 years ago02/18/15 at 7:41 pm (UTC)
Holly MacDonald commented on the download Presenter '09: eCreators Custom Skin
"Wow, I love this skin and would really complement the look of a course I'm building. Thank you to eCreators for sharing this. My only iss..."
  • over 9 years ago02/17/12 at 11:16 am (UTC)