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"Bernie keeps making history! Well done!"
  • 1 month ago01/27/21 at 6:57 pm (UTC)
"Hi Jodi! The nested interaction of choosing an avatar and then a social media profile image is clever. For your dial question, I thin..."
  • 1 month ago01/27/21 at 6:55 pm (UTC)
"Hi Leslie, Thanks for replying. This is a fundamentals workshop and there first practice files were just an exercise in object states and..."
  • 5 months ago10/01/20 at 4:49 am (UTC)
Kevin Thorn started a new discussion Not able to open SL360 files in SL3 - new problem?
"I've not run into this problem before the most recent update of SL360. I kicked off a new workshop today and participants on the perpetua..."
  • 5 months ago09/29/20 at 6:18 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn started a new discussion Illustrated Characters available with 30-day trial.
"When teaching Storyline workshops, some participants are attending using the 30-day trial version. "Back in the day" Storyline had one cl..."
  • 9 months ago06/11/20 at 3:05 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn started a new discussion Text-to-Speech character limit?
"Not that I've reached the limit but this question was posed to me recently. I can't seem to find any specifications anywhere. Thanks in a..."
  • 9 months ago06/11/20 at 2:49 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn replied to the discussion Interactive US state map
"Thanks Leslie. Yes, the US-map_50-state-images zip download is what you may be looking for"
  • 10 months ago05/15/20 at 1:25 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn published a new download Storyline: Simple Folder Tabs Interaction
"This simple tabs interaction is an easy way to sort information into categories and it can be repurposed for tons of different projects. ..."
  • 11 months ago03/27/20 at 7:30 pm (UTC)
"Hey all, I dug this one out from a project I did years ago for a health care project. It's a simple skeuomorphic design of common file..."
  • 12 months ago03/11/20 at 10:45 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn published a new E-Learning Example Storyline: The Golden Age of Comics Interactive Map
"Give this example a look if you want to experiment with other ways to use buttons, markers, and layers to create a really rich and inform..."
  • 1 year ago02/21/20 at 4:39 pm (UTC)
"Ha! Didn't expect that techno beat to kick things off and the voice of the hose is mesmerizing."
  • 1 year ago01/25/20 at 6:52 pm (UTC)
"Nice add with Baby Yoda!"
  • 1 year ago12/17/19 at 4:01 pm (UTC)
"Very cool Alex! Did you add background audio post publish or is that on one slide?"
  • 1 year ago12/16/19 at 6:06 pm (UTC)
"Ha! So cool Nick!"
  • 1 year ago12/16/19 at 5:45 pm (UTC)
"Hey all, This is not new. I made it a few years ago ahead of "Force Awakens" on a previous ELH Challenge. It's still one of my favorit..."
  • 1 year ago12/16/19 at 5:42 pm (UTC)
"Hi everyone! Wow! These are great. I got lost going through all of them and reading everyone's blog posts. So many creative and practi..."
  • over 1 year ago10/03/19 at 6:57 pm (UTC)
"Neat! I got all but Victoria Falls correct on the first go."
  • over 1 year ago10/02/19 at 8:23 pm (UTC)
"Hey Andy! Glad you were able to figure it out. Once you form a mental model on the logic and how it behaves, you can repurpose this struc..."
  • over 1 year ago08/13/19 at 5:39 pm (UTC)
"Hi Andy, Invert the triggers to start at the last object state instead of the first object state. Example: For an object to start t..."
  • over 1 year ago08/09/19 at 9:21 pm (UTC)
Kevin Thorn replied to the discussion Rise Quiz questions - True / False
"Hi Riccardo. My first thought would be to use the MR block for Multiple Response where both answers are correct. And then choose 'feedbac..."
  • over 1 year ago07/03/19 at 5:14 pm (UTC)
"So fun! Enjoyed traveling the map to prepare to travel."
  • over 1 year ago06/24/19 at 2:34 pm (UTC)
"Very informative Jack! Love that you added reference research to each article."
  • over 1 year ago06/24/19 at 2:33 pm (UTC)
"Wow! For only using Storyline 3 weeks, you're rocking it! Perfect timing to with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Only feedb..."
  • over 1 year ago06/20/19 at 9:55 pm (UTC)
"It's been awhile since I joined a challenge. This one sparked some motivation in me as I've had this idea for some time. There were hu..."
  • over 1 year ago06/20/19 at 9:50 pm (UTC)
"I need to explore 3D animations in Storyline. Thanks for the inspiration!"
  • over 1 year ago06/20/19 at 3:56 pm (UTC)