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Li Whybrow commented on the download Study Images
"These are great! Thanks."
  • 5 years ago07/01/15 at 10:06 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow commented on the download Beach Images
"Great - where were these taken? Looks vaguely familiar. South or East coast in England?"
  • 5 years ago07/01/15 at 10:05 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion Problem Publishing to Word
"Hi I am having the same issue. I've followed the instruction to reset Word to default settings. But still experiencing problems. It seems..."
  • over 5 years ago04/23/15 at 12:01 pm (UTC)
Li Whybrow commented on the download 80 Free Stock Images
"These are fab - thanks for curating, Tom :-))"
  • over 5 years ago04/20/15 at 1:02 pm (UTC)
"Love is in the air ..."
  • over 5 years ago02/17/15 at 3:55 pm (UTC)
"Love it! The music really adds the final touch"
  • over 5 years ago02/17/15 at 3:44 pm (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion 54 free medical elearning images
"Thanks for these. Really appreciated!"
  • over 5 years ago02/06/15 at 6:31 pm (UTC)
"Good to see the little Apple notebook in the image - alas it's still a bit of a challenge to get Articulate running on OSX. A Mac version..."
  • over 5 years ago02/02/15 at 9:28 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion Storyline Notes - font
"Grrrr, do we need to spend hundreds on an upgrade to get this problem sorted? I'd say it's the one single issue with SL1 which really che..."
  • almost 6 years ago10/10/14 at 3:15 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion Can you create additional guides?
"Thanks - been bugging me!"
  • almost 6 years ago09/22/14 at 3:12 am (UTC)
"This is great and I've been trying to replicate it for a couple of days now. Run into the following problems: 1. On my imac running wind..."
  • almost 6 years ago09/12/14 at 3:42 am (UTC)
"I am having difficulties get Replay to initialise the webcam on my imac. I've updated the software and checked that 3D acceleration is on..."
  • almost 6 years ago09/11/14 at 7:36 am (UTC)
"Elucidat are also offing a nice product that allows you to author responsive modules quickly. "
  • almost 6 years ago09/02/14 at 3:08 am (UTC)
"James - I just fixed it. See this post Resolution for display to 1440 x 900 ..."
  • 6 years ago08/01/14 at 7:27 am (UTC)
"Having the same problem. I also cannot preview or publish. Also on a macbook with retina with Windows 8.1 running on parallels."
  • 6 years ago08/01/14 at 6:16 am (UTC)
"This is a really great share. Adding my thanks to the thread, Alex."
  • over 6 years ago01/28/14 at 8:01 am (UTC)
  • over 6 years ago01/14/14 at 9:43 am (UTC)
"Hi Ashley - thanks for your response. I can get the two finger scroll method to work on the list of entries in the glossary, but not on t..."
  • over 6 years ago01/10/14 at 1:49 am (UTC)
"Hi I am having the same problem with the scroll not showing at all on the glossary in mobile safari running on iPad 2 iOS 7. I am using S..."
  • over 6 years ago01/08/14 at 8:50 am (UTC)
"Hi Leslie - thanks for the reply. Yes, i set the properties of the quiz slides to Reset to initial state. However, this caused the result..."
  • almost 7 years ago09/17/13 at 1:52 am (UTC)
"Hi. I have a question - probably regarding a variable. The requirement: An 11 question bank of quiz questions in Storyline, with 5 questi..."
  • almost 7 years ago09/16/13 at 8:53 am (UTC)
"Sod the iOS Story template - I LOVE your CV format, Richard. Just saw it on your site"
  • 7 years ago05/14/13 at 1:36 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion changing question type
  • over 7 years ago04/05/13 at 10:55 am (UTC)
Li Whybrow replied to the discussion Articulate Storyline (administrator
"I am running Storyline on XP in Parallels 8 on a Mac and this has just started happening on my projects. I don't share my projects with a..."
  • over 7 years ago03/24/13 at 7:39 am (UTC)
"Fantastic! Thanks so much, Nancy. That's just perfect."
  • over 7 years ago03/12/13 at 9:25 am (UTC)