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"Hi, Joanna! I'll be there too and I'd love to meet you to say hello in person?"
  • over 3 years ago01/12/19 at 10:42 am (UTC)
"Hey, David! Here is one that I did in PowerPoint and exported as an interactive PDF. Is that legal for this challenge? 8-) https://s3..."
  • almost 4 years ago11/09/18 at 8:51 pm (UTC)
"This doesn't work from Google Drive. You need to use Google's Cloud Hosting. Is that what you're trying to do? Google is now offeri..."
  • almost 4 years ago10/27/18 at 2:01 pm (UTC)
"You bet! I really takes a lot of work out of the equation and also opens up some pretty cool new possibilities."
  • 4 years ago05/24/18 at 3:24 pm (UTC)
"This could totally morph into something great! 8-)"
  • 4 years ago05/22/18 at 12:10 pm (UTC)
"I wish I could be as creative and witty as Jackie in writing my post but alas.... 8-) None the less, I'll float a couple of animation..."
  • 4 years ago05/22/18 at 12:08 pm (UTC)
"What a fantastic group of heroes!"
  • over 4 years ago11/19/17 at 10:59 pm (UTC)
"Google Cloud Platform is a great, free option for getting your e-learning courses and other web content online."
  • almost 5 years ago11/12/17 at 1:11 pm (UTC)
"Google is now offering another free hosting option -- Google Cloud Platform that works very much like Amazon S3. Personally, I'm liking i..."
  • almost 5 years ago11/12/17 at 1:09 pm (UTC)
"Google Cloud Platform is a good new option for free online course hosting:  https://mike-taylor.org/2017/11/11/google-cloud-platform/ "
  • almost 5 years ago11/12/17 at 1:06 pm (UTC)
"I'll second the idea that PowerPoint can be a good option for motion graphics. Here is one that I created 100% in PowerPoint. https://www..."
  • 5 years ago07/21/17 at 1:47 pm (UTC)
"Hi, Lu! I think you should be able to embed your video as a web object.  Just put the S3 weblink for your video into the web object area..."
  • 5 years ago06/26/17 at 3:44 pm (UTC)
"Unless you have a huge amount of traffic you should be in good shape. Even if you go over it would be unusual to get any charges more tha..."
  • 5 years ago05/30/17 at 5:40 pm (UTC)
"Hi, Heather! Could you split them across two slides (or layers) with a button or something that lets users move to top/bottom or the tabl..."
  • 5 years ago05/30/17 at 3:20 pm (UTC)
"Google retired this functionality and it no longer works. I'd recommend using Amazon S3. You can learn how to set it up for free in Tom'..."
  • 5 years ago05/30/17 at 10:41 am (UTC)
"Here are a few that I use a lot including several versions of a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer and a few web browser mock..."
  • over 5 years ago03/01/17 at 8:55 pm (UTC)
Mike Taylor added the course When training is NOT the answer
"Discussion with resources for having a conversation about whether or not training is the best option."
  • over 5 years ago12/09/16 at 1:19 pm (UTC)
Mike Taylor added the course Best of 2016: Top PowerPoint Downloads
"2016 most downloaded PowerPoint templates."
  • over 5 years ago12/08/16 at 1:12 pm (UTC)
"Have you seen this Wordpress plugin?  https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-or-embed-articulate-content-into-wordpress/"
  • over 5 years ago12/08/16 at 1:09 pm (UTC)
"Hi Virak! I've put together a collection of Instructional Design resources here:  https://instructional-design.zeef.com/tmiket This comm..."
  • over 5 years ago12/08/16 at 1:07 pm (UTC)
"Sorry didn't notice the 'hand drawn effect' in your PDF. You can fill the shapes in Storyline with your hand-drawn effect image just like..."
  • over 5 years ago12/01/16 at 11:38 am (UTC)
Mike Taylor replied to the discussion Storyline Published Output
"Hi William! Try to republish after you remove spaces from the title box in the publishing dialog box. "
  • over 5 years ago11/30/16 at 9:50 pm (UTC)
"Hi Udit! Did you import your PowerPoint file into Storyline? You can simply change the fill of those shapes back to green in Storyline to..."
  • over 5 years ago11/30/16 at 9:45 pm (UTC)
Mike Taylor replied to the discussion Editing Audio
"On the Video tab (available after inserting your video) You can mute the audio and then just record or insert your new audio to replace t..."
  • over 5 years ago11/29/16 at 3:57 pm (UTC)
"Hey David! Thanks for including me in the intro. Guess I should 'officially' submit one huh? 8-) Here is a recent one that I think is go..."
  • almost 6 years ago11/02/16 at 11:41 am (UTC)