"Hi there,   There is a possibility to unzipp a Storyline File. (Not the published version - i'm talking about the .story file) I experi..."
  • almost 4 years ago08/10/18 at 8:01 am (UTC)
Sam N started a new discussion Graded Question - Hotspot - Bug?
"Unfortunally there is a problem with one of the template questions that articulate provides. In the attachment you will see one sli..."
  • 4 years ago06/26/18 at 8:47 am (UTC)
Sam N started a new discussion Performance problems with Storyline 3 /360
"Hi,  we are recognizing performance problems since the last few updates in Storyline 360 / 3. We are using big grafics and pictures in ..."
  • over 4 years ago12/22/17 at 3:24 pm (UTC)
Sam N started a new discussion Scrolling Panel and Drag'n Drop HTML5
"Hi,  Is it possible to drag an item in a scrolling panel outside to a target in HTML5?  Am i missing something? It works in flash.   ..."
  • over 4 years ago11/13/17 at 9:40 am (UTC)
Sam N started a new discussion Drag'n Drop - Bug?
"Hi,  I have a question/problem. Pls look into the attachment.   They are 2 rectangles and a hotspot.  The blue rectangle has the trigg..."
  • over 4 years ago10/31/17 at 3:57 pm (UTC)
"Hi Carol.  I think thats easy. They is more than one solution.  1)  First Trigger: Play Media "X" if Variable "Y" is false Second Tr..."
  • over 4 years ago10/19/17 at 9:35 am (UTC)
"In the attached file they are no groups, because of that i thought it works.  ohh i see now. if i group the two textboxes together with ..."
  • over 4 years ago10/16/17 at 2:18 pm (UTC)
"i tested it with sl360 and sl3. (newest update). It behaves normaly on my computer. "
  • over 4 years ago10/16/17 at 2:03 pm (UTC)
"Hi,  I have a normal Drag'n Drop (Freeform).  (for example 2 items on 1 target - both must be dropped) When i drop the correct items o..."
  • almost 5 years ago09/13/17 at 1:19 pm (UTC)
"i think i have a solution for your problem, but i dont know why its working..  Try to delete the "Down" and "Disabled" State.  "
  • almost 5 years ago08/07/17 at 2:27 pm (UTC)
Sam N replied to the discussion Slide Numbering
"i dont think thats possible. It always starts with "1".   :("
  • almost 5 years ago08/03/17 at 2:33 pm (UTC)
Sam N replied to the discussion Branching Issue
"Hi Joy. I suppose you must change one trigger to get it working. On the Slide "Branches" the second Trigger. Change it like that. I thin..."
  • almost 5 years ago07/12/17 at 12:51 pm (UTC)