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"Creating your own graphics doesn't have to be overly complicated. In this quick tutorial, I'll show how you can quickly use Google Slides..."
  • 3 days ago01/31/23 at 9:57 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart published a new article Upcoming Articulate 360 Training Webinars
"As a course creator, there’s so much you need to know to create effective learning experiences. But if you’re like many e-learning profes..."
  • 11 days ago01/23/23 at 3:13 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Rise 360 Can't see image choices
"Hi Amy, Since clearing your cache didn't resolve it, please check with your IT department that the websites listed under the Content Libr..."
  • 2 months ago12/07/22 at 6:08 pm (UTC)
"I wanted to play around with adding a certificate to a Rise 360 course, and evidently I also wanted a donut:"
  • 3 months ago11/17/22 at 7:57 pm (UTC)
"Hi Melissa, There is a better way! You can import slides from other projects into your current one. Here's an article on how to do ..."
  • 3 months ago11/09/22 at 5:58 pm (UTC)
"I decided to do a really useful personality quiz. 😆 See what type of Halloween costume your dog should wear this year: https://360.artic..."
  • 4 months ago09/22/22 at 2:04 pm (UTC)
"Hi Mahua, I'd recommend modifying your triggers that adjusts the variable to happen when the learner selects the Ok button (your file has..."
  • 5 months ago09/07/22 at 2:28 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Mix Correct Ingredients into Bowl
"Hi Jim, Based off of your description, it sounds like you're looking to create a drag and drop interaction. Here's a walkthrough on creat..."
  • 5 months ago09/07/22 at 1:57 pm (UTC)
"Hi Marieken, Your functionality is correct but there are a couple of things to fix here to make this work correctly. The order of t..."
  • 5 months ago08/31/22 at 7:00 pm (UTC)
"Hi Keith, I'm not sure what happened, but I'd recommend trying the Reset from Story option for the menu in the player if you haven't alre..."
  • 5 months ago08/31/22 at 2:57 pm (UTC)
"Hi Ioana, Have you tried the Reset from Story option in the Player? That option is available by going into the Menu settings in the Playe..."
  • 5 months ago08/24/22 at 1:35 pm (UTC)
"Hi Vicki, You can do that. Here's an article that covers using the Continue button for that. Hope that helps! If you have any quest..."
  • 6 months ago08/09/22 at 1:44 pm (UTC)
"My daughter is often asking us what human foods are safe for our dog to eat, so I created this interaction for some of the common foods i..."
  • 7 months ago07/22/22 at 4:10 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Exit button for Rise 360 course
"Hi Bernadette, Here's a helpful video that shows how to do that. It is an older video so the option in Rise 360 now says "Exit Course Lin..."
  • 7 months ago07/21/22 at 2:13 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Review 360 for VILT in PowerPoint
"Hi Tara, In Review 360, you can upload video files for folks to review. You could then either export a video file from PowerPoint, if you..."
  • 7 months ago07/13/22 at 1:56 pm (UTC)
"Hi Santos! You can use variables and conditions on triggers to make this work as described in your post. I’ve attached a sample file that..."
  • 7 months ago07/12/22 at 7:02 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Tiles in Storyline
"Hi Wade! Here's a post that has some information on how to create one. Hope it helps! If you have any questions, let us know."
  • 7 months ago06/29/22 at 5:21 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Hover state
"Hi Gail, One way to do that is by using True/False Variables. I've attached an example file for you. In the example, I have objects that ..."
  • 8 months ago06/22/22 at 4:05 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Flow Chart activity
"Hi Debra, You said that the students won't be choosing anything, so will the flow chart need to reveal itself on its own, or is there som..."
  • 8 months ago06/13/22 at 1:41 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion VAK Assessment in Storyline
"Hi Anna, You can track how the user is answering by using variables. I’d use a number variable for each of the three answer types, and tr..."
  • 8 months ago06/03/22 at 12:52 pm (UTC)
"Hi Nicola! The link for that webinar's page is Under the..."
  • 9 months ago05/19/22 at 2:50 pm (UTC)
Ginger Swart replied to the discussion Drag and Drop Issues
"Hi Stephanie! I like your activity! Here's some suggestions to get the functionality you're looking for with it. For the objects not movi..."
  • 9 months ago05/12/22 at 9:38 pm (UTC)