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"Updated with the blog post how it was made: http://bit.ly/2NbTe9c"
  • 8 months ago10/23/19 at 11:44 am (UTC)
"Very plotagonian. Nice, Tracy."
  • 8 months ago10/22/19 at 11:24 pm (UTC)
Zsolt Olah started a new discussion Capturing a name in Rise
"It was 2016. Rise just came out and I posted a "futuristic example" of storytelling with Rise (and a little JavaScript magic.). Seve..."
  • 8 months ago10/22/19 at 9:50 pm (UTC)
"Thanks, Rebecca! I built the story in Twine first because there are so many different ways to get through it. +1 randomized event"
  • 8 months ago10/22/19 at 4:14 pm (UTC)
"Thanks! I wanted to do something that involves only a couple of screens (ended up with 4) but replayable. I'll add a post about it."
  • 8 months ago10/22/19 at 4:13 pm (UTC)
"My take on the mountains: "A bunch of Flemmings got stuck in the blue mountains of Pixsutawney; living their horrible daytrip over and ..."
  • 8 months ago10/21/19 at 9:09 pm (UTC)
"You can use that for calibration for example. Listening to the same customer interaction and compare your evaluation to others'. This exa..."
  • 9 months ago09/21/19 at 5:14 pm (UTC)
"Live data from the last 50 entries. I'll add the explanation to Project 99 https://www.rabbitoreg.com/examples/p99/#/lessons/xt5L89i0WgiX..."
  • 9 months ago09/21/19 at 5:13 pm (UTC)
"Hi all! This is my take on text and image. It will ask you to identify basic emotions you can see in the images. Then you'll see how o..."
  • 9 months ago09/19/19 at 3:13 am (UTC)
"Nice visuals. Blurred images give a depth to the screens."
  • 9 months ago09/17/19 at 7:57 pm (UTC)
"Late to the challenge but work sometimes gets in the way... Here's my take on Connect 4. You play against a little AI-driven minmax a..."
  • 9 months ago09/08/19 at 9:42 pm (UTC)
"Yes, Judith's suggestion is correct. You don't need the <script> tag within Storyline. (You would need that if you write your own s..."
  • 10 months ago08/15/19 at 1:13 am (UTC)
Zsolt Olah replied to the discussion rabbitoreg.com is back on
"Yes, all is back on, except the subsites such as my book, portfolio, etc. Those are still in progress."
  • 11 months ago07/03/19 at 4:25 pm (UTC)
Zsolt Olah started a new discussion rabbitoreg.com is back on
"Thanks for the patience after my site went down (and with that all the examples you were trying to access)! It's back on now. New server...."
  • 12 months ago06/23/19 at 11:53 am (UTC)
Zsolt Olah replied to the discussion Validate Text Entry Field Input
"My site got hit and I had to rebuild it. It's up now. Most links and downloads should work. "
  • 12 months ago06/23/19 at 11:50 am (UTC)
"Yes, basically I have to rebuild the site and save what I can from the old one after the server got corrupted. It's starting up again soon."
  • 12 months ago06/18/19 at 1:10 am (UTC)
Zsolt Olah started a new discussion Rabbitoreg.com Site temporarily down
"Hi all, Unfortunately, my site got corrupted (and Bluehost didn't care), and they never let me know that backups are not successfull..."
  • 12 months ago06/18/19 at 1:06 am (UTC)
"Rachel, Each text entry is associated with a variable. If you use the out of the box setting it's like TextEntry1 etc. You can change th..."
  • 1 year ago05/16/19 at 1:58 am (UTC)
Zsolt Olah replied to the discussion Regarding Accordion in Rise
"Hi Sovan, I ran into this issue as well. Since we built an FAQ in accordion, we had to do something about the cut off to show the questi..."
  • 1 year ago05/16/19 at 1:38 am (UTC)
"Hi,  I had similar challenges, less about watching the whole video but reporting how much people watched through xAPI to a learning reco..."
  • 1 year ago05/16/19 at 1:01 am (UTC)
Zsolt Olah replied to the discussion Accordian in Rise
"Hi Sovan, Do you mean the accordion header? Like the picture attached?  "
  • 1 year ago05/10/19 at 10:55 pm (UTC)
"I played with this a little a while back and ran into a couple of issues. The beforeunload event is not consistent between all browsers, ..."
  • 1 year ago05/10/19 at 3:11 pm (UTC)
Zsolt Olah started a new discussion New Variable Window SL
"Hi all, The new variable window in Storyline splits the built-in variables and the custom ones, which is great. I'm not sure if this is ..."
  • 1 year ago05/10/19 at 1:44 pm (UTC)
"In that case add another variable: Review and set it to False. Then for the triggers that adding the score, you'll need to also add a con..."
  • 1 year ago05/07/19 at 8:10 pm (UTC)
Zsolt Olah started a new discussion Background music or sound effects on different slides
"Hi all, If you ever have to include background music or sound effects on slides in Storyline (that plays continuously over slides), here..."
  • 1 year ago05/06/19 at 10:11 pm (UTC)