"Is there any other alternative or idea to edit this activity other than creating a custom free-form drag and drop activity?"
  • over 4 years ago01/16/18 at 3:56 pm (UTC)
rao s replied to the discussion Hint button
"Thanks, Matthew! I think I had a visited state also enabled, that caused the problem. And thanks I like this idea."
  • almost 5 years ago11/03/17 at 10:12 am (UTC)
"Thanks for the reply Wendy! But I am using SL2. So I can not increase above 200 :(. Any other workaround?"
  • almost 5 years ago10/27/17 at 8:14 am (UTC)
"Hi Ashley, I read the font size reflects only in flash output but not in HTML5 output. How to change in HTML5 output? If it is to change..."
  • almost 5 years ago10/26/17 at 11:49 pm (UTC)
rao s replied to the discussion adding to icon set
"I know, it an year old post, still have a doubt, can we add custom icon set? or is there any package to download?"
  • over 5 years ago03/31/17 at 2:57 pm (UTC)
rao s replied to the discussion Free Stock Vector Images
"Yes Pixabay is good one and here is another source You can also check :  "
  • almost 6 years ago08/19/16 at 10:47 am (UTC)
"Hi, I want to know how to get HTML5 output from presenter."
  • almost 9 years ago09/26/13 at 12:25 am (UTC)