Warehouse-Style Template


This is a warehouse-style template that contains three slides: a title slide and two content slides. The fonts used are Stencil Std and Articulate. 


Check out a published version of the template: Warehouse-Style Template

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David Field

10 posts

Posted 291 days ago

Simple bus so effective. How did you adapt the image

Posted 290 days ago

I really like this Nicole. The faded background image is really good. If I were to change one thing (because im super picky) I would take the next button off the first page, since you can click on the forward arrow to progress!

Posted 224 days ago

This looks really good
Carole Emard

3 posts

Posted 187 days ago

Can you tell me if the images can be used without copyright infringement. Where did you get the background image and the boots?

Is it from eLearning Brothers?

Nicole Legault

741 posts

Posted 187 days ago

Hi Carole! When working with templates and downloads, you should replace any placeholder images with your own content and photos that you have appropriate rights for.