Simple Branched Scenario


Here are the source files for the branched elearning example created in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter '09. (1 MB)

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Posted 1171 days ago

Thank you for these resources...using them in a course as we speak!  This is a great community...E-Learning Heros has been an incredible upgrade and improvement.  I can't imagine that there is a better user community out there!

Posted 1169 days ago

I love the potential of this scenario, but I'm having a few problems: I want to add more slides, actually add this scenario to the end of another presentation - and can't get hyperlinks to work in the player. The hyperlinks are pointing to the right slides in P/P, but in the preview, they don't work. Anyone got any ideas?

Jeanette Brooks

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Posted 1169 days ago

Hi Debbie - try publishing instead of previewing. Testing of hyperlinks via the Preview feature isn't supported in Articulate Presenter, but if you publish, the hyperlinks should behave as expected.

Posted 1169 days ago

Thank you! Got it!

Becky Little

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Posted 1021 days ago

I agree with Jonathan regarding the community!  This is my first post since signing up with Articulate, but I have to say this community is helpful beyond compare.  It is the only newsletter/blog I look forward to receiving each week.  I have used the tips and tricks.... And Screenr added so much to my development.  In my current position, I'm a department of few, but with this community, I feel like I work with a department of hundreds of learning pros.  Thanks to all who post!

Jeanette Brooks

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Posted 1021 days ago

Thanks for the kind words - that means so much to us! We're so glad you're finding value in the community. We love it too. :)

Sandra Marin

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Posted 953 days ago

das chammer würkli guet bruche für ernschti froge! :-)

Posted 885 days ago

Hello....How do I download the source files for this example?

Posted 885 days ago

I have found it!!  Thanks anyway.

Posted 808 days ago

Hello.  I am using this for a course and I can't figure out how to remove the home icon in the top corner.  Is that possible to do?

Jeanette Brooks

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Posted 807 days ago

Hi Nickey! That little home icon you see in the corner is actually on the slide master, which is why you're not able to delete it from the slide itself. To get to it, open the presentation in PowerPoint, click the View tab, and then select Slide Master, and you'll be able to remove it from whichever layout you're using in your course. Hope that helps!

Posted 806 days ago

Thank you so much. That was a very easy fix.  You guys are great!

Posted 794 days ago

Thank you !

Posted 699 days ago

Where can I find more character illustrations like the ones in this CBT? Thanks

Jeanette Brooks

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Posted 696 days ago

Hi Susan - try checking out the Microsoft clip art library, specifically Style 1280, which you can find here:| ... that style contains several images that are similar to the one in the above sample.

Posted 541 days ago

This was great - I am new to the community and already find it so helpful!

Posted 541 days ago

Welcome, Shayne!  You will love it here.  Lots of help and lots of ideas...

Lee Lyric

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Posted 468 days ago

That's great !

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Posted 352 days ago

Merci beaucoup :)

Posted 264 days ago

Great site! Thank you so much!