Using Virtual World Characters in Articulate Quizmaker


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George Milton

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Posted 1069 days ago

Awesome work!!!  Thanks for sharing.

Posted 1034 days ago

Great!  Thanks.

Jason Best

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Claire Ramos

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Posted 817 days ago

I can't seem to download this. I get this error msg.:

404 Not Found

   Code: NoSuchKey

   Message: The specified key does not exist.

   Key: community/blogdemo/lively/

   RequestId: 1075754B162DBB87

   HostId: pMTKrBb/yD1OZ0Sc5rh2DhtCIwgvLAV0KwBGtYKVZPB9crQeGfUWHr7YlC11YTXu

Elisa Farina

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Posted 707 days ago

I am getting the same error as Claire.  Is there a problem with the file?

404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchKey

Message: The specified key does not exist.

Key: community/blogdemo/lively/

RequestId: 27923D67E9C8D801

HostId: dq6CYwLTxwonzkE0ECOU0Haz251O/JLuWYCvjyWXuWqlq+OzYiOd/AXax+ONzKrN

Please let me know.  I would love to use this.  It looks great.

Posted 599 days ago

this might be one of the best I have seen. . . I would love to see a tutorial on how you built this in quiz maker. . . .hint. . hint. . .

Posted 376 days ago

HI Guys , I have just downloaded fine as a zip file ........ seems OK ... I think give it another try ....
vicky lee

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Posted 366 days ago

That was the best laugh I have had in a while and a much needed one at that.    I  take a look at this when I need a pick me up.  (No pun intended)

Thanks  great job.

Posted 82 days ago

This is so creative and funny, but I can't download it either because I have Storyline. Isn't there a way?