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Getting started

The PowerPoint file is typical of where most people start.  Your organization has some pre-existing content and wants to quickly convert it and get it online as an elearning course.  The goal in this stage is to clean it up and make it a better file for elearning.


If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 01 > Original_Presentation.pptx.



Reviewing the file

Let's take a closer look at the current presentation:

  • 12-slide PowerPoint using a standard Microsoft template
  • Heavy use of text on each slide
  • Leader notes and talking points are included in the Notes panel
  • Standard clip-art used on each slide
  • No animations
  • No audio or narration

What's next?

Overall, this is a fairly standard PowerPoint file used for classroom training. At this point, we're less concerened with editing the file as we are just getting something published and uploaded. And publishing is what you'll learn in the next lesson.



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18 comments so far

Posted 1288 days ago

También debo de tener un micrófono?

Posted 1288 days ago

Mi programa de Power Point no tiene las pestañas que dicen:

1.  Add-Ins ????????

2.  Articulate??

Posted 1281 days ago

Hi Luis - If your tab is missing from your PowerPoint menu, can you try this method to restore:

Posted 1170 days ago

Which version of Power Point are you using?

Posted 1155 days ago

I am missing .........

Add Inns



on my bar, I have windows 7...shall i locate it in the comp or i have to install..Help..I am stuck on the second part of tutorial  :(

Posted 1155 days ago

Hi preeti - Sorry to hear that. This knowledgebase article should help: Please let us know if you still have questions.

Posted 1154 days ago

Thanks David....I did what the articulate site told me to do for my win7 but still am not able to see the articulate and publisher on the bar :(

Posted 1154 days ago

Okay, thanks for the update. Was the Articulate ribbon visible and working before? Or have you never seen it with your current installation?

I wonder if you have Office 32-bit or Office 64-bit installed? Currently, only the 32-bit version is supported:

Do you know which version of Office you're running on Windows 7?

Posted 1154 days ago

It is windows 7 ( 64 -bit)

Posted 1048 days ago

This might not be a useful comment to most users, but for those of us in a mega-corporate environment where software updates/releases don't happen quickly:

The Screenr's do not show up in IE6. In fact, I went through all of the first course without realizing videos even existed. You might want to include a warning or something that tells users whose browsers are out of date, that they might not be able to view all the content.

Posted 1048 days ago

Hi Rebekah, I wasn't aware Screenr and IE6 weren't playing well together. I contacted support about the issue and will update you with what I hear. We've heard from some users that Screenr is blocked (streaming media) by their company firewall. Either way, I'll post back with info regarding IE6. If you want, you could contact your IT group to learn if Screenr is open on your network. Thanks!

Posted 1048 days ago

David, Thanks for your quick response. I have a newer version now (which is how I discovered the Screenr clips), and I was approved not too long ago to view some streaming media, so I can't really test it to see where the problem was. Currently, I can see some clips, but I'm seeing our little corporate content blocked logo in some places, so it's possible I'm not seeing all of them. I am going to check using my computer at home to compare.

I could have sworn that when I was on IE6 I couldn't see any of them, blocked or not, but I may be mistaken. Sorry if I caused any trouble!

Posted 1045 days ago

Hi Rebekah. I'm guessing your company is blocking those screencasts. Internet Explorer 6 is a supported web browser for Screenr videos.

Posted 1043 days ago

This was very helpful, especially when one is at the begining stage of crerating a presentation in articulate.

Posted 1000 days ago

Since I am a new user I am not quite clear where powerpoint ends and articulate begins. What should be done in PowerPoint, and  then when should the user switch over to Arciulate?  It does seem there is some overlap in the functionality.

Posted 986 days ago

I've tried repeatedly to publish a powerpoint presentation including a quiz but only some photos and backgrounds are published - no text.

I'm using ppt 2003 and saving all files on the local drive.

What am I doing wrong?

Posted 875 days ago

Hi can anyone tell me what size/ratio I need the slide set up to be in for optimal fit in articulate please?  I created mine in the standard on screen show setting but once published it was all squashed up and didn't fit!


Posted 872 days ago

Someone can help me, I can not watch videos in the tutorials