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Welcome to the chapter on making your courses more interactive. Interactivity can mean a lot of things to elearning designers. That's why we designed this chapter differently from the others.


In this chapter, we'll deconstruct the best examples from corporate and academic elearning, interactive infographics and multimedia journalism.


It's our hope that the following tutorials provide a practical foundation for building better, more interactive experiences!


What's next?

In the next chapter, you'll learn an easy technique for transforming information-based content into something more interactive.



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Posted 1231 days ago

This was excellent, especially because everything I know about Articulate I have taught myself as I went along.  This is going to make me look like a pro.

Posted 1214 days ago

Loving these tutorials! I am also self taught and am finding that I have so much more to learn!

Posted 1042 days ago

Why can't I see a tutorial here?  No video -- nothing.

Posted 1042 days ago

Hi Deb - This is the opening page for this chapter. I updated it to include a link to the first lesson.  We have some more examples to post, so some of this will get reworked soon. Hopefully that helps.

Posted 1019 days ago

It does -- thanks!

Posted 989 days ago

The Tutorials are great, they have really helped me get up an running