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Renaming Slide Titles

In the previous lesson, you learned how to modify how your course advances. This lesson focuses on appearances - menu appearances.


To generate the course Outline menu, Presenter uses the title text headings you create in PowerPoint. This works great for most courses, but there will be times when you need to customize the Outline without affecting the title text on your slides. That's where Slide Properties can help.


In this lesson, you'll learn to modify the Outline titles using Slide Properties.


If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter_02 > Slide_Titles.pptx.


Here's an example of both Outline menus.  You'll notice that the slide titles match the outline titles.


There are times when the slide title text isn't the text you want to show up in the course outline.  In the example below, you can see that the PowerPoint slide title is the actual statute: 5 U.S.C. § 7323-§ 7326. That's not a warm and friendly title, is it? 


Using Slide Properties, you could modify the Outline menu to something more specific to the topical area, such as: The Hatch Act.


So what about blank slides or slides without text? Well, there are several ways to go about that, but the easiest way is to create the Outline title in Presenter's Slide Properties.


Open Slide Properties if it isn't already open from the previous step.

  1. In Slide 1's Navigation Title cell, double-click the current title, DIY Tire Changing
  2. Click-drag your cursor over the title to select it
  3. Type Introduction to change the title to Introduction




You can change as many Navigation Titles as you like. The title changes you make in Slide Properties won't affect the Title text in your PowerPoint slides – they only affect the Published titles in the Outline Menu.


As a best practice, it's most efficient to work from your PowerPoint slide titles when possible. We'll look at some other ways for modifying Outline titles and Title text in later lessons. For now, just know you can make changes from Slide Properties.


What's next?

Now that you know how to control course playback, we'll look at another common feature in Slide Properties: Slide Level hierarchy.


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Posted 1306 days ago

Working my way through these great tutorials.

"You can change as many Navigation Titles as you like. The changes you make here will not be visible in your PowerPoint file. Slide Properties overrides the text you have in your PowerPoint."

Did you mean to say "Slide Properties [won't] override the text you have in your PowerPoint."

Posted 1306 days ago

Hi Jeff and thanks for the feedback on the tutorials.

Looking at that last line, I can see it needs clarifying. What it should read is changes made in Slide Properties override the Published menu titles, but not the PowerPoint titles. Hopefully that helps:-)

Posted 1295 days ago

Is there a way to relink the slide titles with the name given in slide properties after making a manual change?

Posted 1295 days ago

Hi A @OSPI - You should be able to go into Slide Properties and delete whatever custom slide titles you added. By "clearing" the titles in Slide Properties, Presenter will look for the default Title text to generate outline titles.

Posted 1251 days ago

Is there a way to add a title to the PowerPoint slide in outline view without it showing up in the slide itself? eg for a slide that has an image but no text?

Posted 1251 days ago

Hi Suella, If you add the title to the slide but place it outside of the slide area, it won't display in the player.

Posted 1251 days ago

@Suella - If you want to see an example of what A @OSPI is referring to, check out this Screencast at around 1:50

By moving your slide titles off the slide area, you're able to work in Outline mode to create titles that don't display on the slide area. Once you create something in the outline, it also creates Title text somewhere on the slide. You can use Slide Masters to control where those Titles display.

Posted 1247 days ago

Thanks so much, @OSPI & David. Easy solution!

Posted 1056 days ago


Posted 908 days ago

One of the primary reasons I purchased the Articulate Studio was all the information search and everyone of you has been gracious enough to share. I have a large learning curve in front of me and I am sure it will be much easier as a result of all of your efforts....

Thanks Much

Posted 846 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm new to Articulate, but so far, the tuts are swell!

Posted 832 days ago

Thanks for the tutorials, I'm new to Articulate. Very, very helpful :)