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Presenter ‘09 gives you a helpful way of controlling the look of your sidebar outline through the use of slide levels. This creates a more hierarchical, tiered look to your list of slides, like the example below. This can make it easier for users to see at a glance the contents of each section in your presentation. You can even control when and how the levels expand and collapse in the outline panel as users move through your presentation.


Here's how to do it:


  1. From the Articulate menu, select Slide Properties.
  2. Adjust the level of any slide by clicking in the Level column and choosing a number. Any slide can be assigned a level up to one level greater than the slide above it.
  3. Click OK when you're done assigning levels.
  4. Now you need to tell your template how to display the levels. From the Articulate menu, select Player Templates.
  5. Click Navigation.
  6. In the Levels section, choose a Behavior option to indicate when you want your levels to expand in the outline: 
    • Expand level when the user is inside level — the sidebar will expand to show sublevels when the user reaches a slide that's Level 2 or greater.
    • Expand level when user reaches heading — the sidebar will expand to show sublevels whenever the user reaches a slide that has sublevels immediately after it.
    • Don't automatically expand level — the sidebar won't automatically change to show sublevels; to see them, users will need to click the little triangle next to any slide with sublevels.
  7. Choose a Restriction option to indicate when your users can manually expend levels. (They do this by clicking on the little triangle that appears in your outline next to anything that's expandable.) Your restriction options are:
    • Only expand once the user is inside the level — users can only click the triangle to expand a level when they're on a sublevel slide.
    • Only expand after user reaches heading — users can click the triangle to expand a level when they're on any slide with sublevels immediately after it.
    • Levels can be expanded at any time — users can click the triangle next to any slide navigation title, anytime they want, to show the sublevels beneath it. They can click again to collapse the sublevels.
  8. Click Close and save your changes.

Your slide levels will show up in your player's Outline tab next time you publish.


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