Using Summary and Conclusion Slides in E-Learning Courses #291

Summary and Resource Slides in E-Learning #290: Challenge | Recap

One of the oft-neglected opportunities in e-learning is the course summary slide. Many course designers spend the bulk of their time designing content and activities—and then forget to consider how to support learners after the course.

Examples of Summary Slides

What do you include in a summary slide? Consider adding anything from PDF documents, external links, attachments, and more. For more ideas, check out this post with examples from Sarah Hodge.

Examples of Summary Slides

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Challenge of the week

This week, your challenge is to design an e-learning conclusion or summary slide.

You can focus your entry on instructions for closing the course, job aids to support the course, or even additional resources for learners to continue learning.

This week’s challenge is all about design ideas for presenting summary slides and resources. You don’t need to build out a working interaction—but I know many of you will, and that’s totally cool, too.

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Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you summarize this week's challenge, check out the fantastic video examples your fellow challengers shared over the past week:

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I do have a summary slide in this prototype but not as appropriate as the examples above. It does demonstrate two aspects of a summary slide, though: 1. Results of your actions (including a score that you can compare to the average score, and an associated character based on your score) 2. Your choices. This summary slide at the end served as an entry point for a team discussion on terms. Do we mean the same thing by the same terms? Everyone took the challenge and then we had a discussion based on the results. So, in a way, this summary slide was an "entry slide" into a live conversation. And that's my point. Learning doesn't end on the last slide. But this is also a challenge for you! More on the challenge in my blog post below. Which Office character are you? Try it her... Expand

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