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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Dave,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are experiencing with your software.

You mention that you cannot restore the software when minimized:

  • Are you getting an error?
  • Is the software crashing?

I was able to track down one report of an issue with the minimize function when using additional monitors, but it was related to retaining window size.

  • Are you using multiple monitors?
  • What version of Storyline 360 are you currently using?

Any chance you can record a Peek 360 video so that we can take a look?

Dave Cox

Hi Leslie,

No, I don't get an error, and no the software is not crashing. But if I minimize, the try to re-open by clicking on the icon at the bottom of my screen, Sometimes I can get the software to re-open, but other times I just get the error sound from my PC. No errors, it just will not restore. 

I have found, that it will often restore if I use the Alt-Tab option to re-enable focus, but I've seen a few times when even that didn't work. When that happens, the only thing that I'm able to do is open the task manager, and kill the process.

Yes, I do use multiple monitors, on both machines that I use this software, and I'm using Stroyline 360. Since I don't see any offers of updates in Articulate 360, I assume it is the latest version.

Thank you,


Dave Cox

Hi Leslie,

I admit, that I do usually have a lot of applications open, and I'm constantly switching back and forth between apps. I've never had a video streaming though. I use the Adobe CC to create a lot of my assets, and I nearly always have some of the Adobe apps running on my machine.

I did not get a chance to check the version on my other PC, but It is probably the same version. I've also seen this problem persist over several versions, so I don't think it is related to just one version.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Candace, 

When we got this issue reported for Dave, he was using 3.37.21614.0. I do not have any additional details outside of what has been shared here, but the issue is still open with our team.

Do you know what version of Storyline you're using?

You can check by going to:
Help > About Articulate Storyline

We are currently on Build 3.44.23192.0 Storyline 360. You can read all of the details here.


Can you confirm your current version? I'd be happy to update our report.

Samuel House


Great brainstorming here....I'm running Storyline 3, and the same thing was happening to me. I had Storyline pinned to the taskbar. When I launched Storyline, the active project's icon would be displayed over the taskbar icon. But when I opened multiple windows the icons would get swapped leaving the SL launch icon on top, not the project icon. To fix, just right click the icon and unpin from the taskbar. Worked for me. :)


Mark Banit

I has experienced this occasionally in the past, but usually after a few attempts of accessing using ALT + TAB, I could get into it. However I just had a case where no matter what I seemingly did, it would not let me back into -- as others mentioned, I would just get the error chime. Incredibly frustrating. 

I did have a lot of windows open, including a few memory-intensive programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator...but upon closing those, still had the issue. Eventually after going through and closing almost every window that was open, I was finally able to get back into it.

Definitely a glitch that needs to be addressed.

Ian Hill-Smith

Yes, this is a real problem. I'm working to a tight deadline and Storyline frequently gets stuck on the task bar. Clicking the icon shows any window/s of the App, hovering over the minimised image shows the window large, but clicking on it only causes a collapse back of the large window to it's minimised state. Very frustrating! The only solution then is to quit and restart.


Math Notermans

This is indeed an issue. Having the same issue with Storyline360. It happens ( not always ) when i have multiple tools open ( Photoshop,Illustrator ) thus tending to think its memory related. I do have plenty of Ram on my Windows10 computer, but having some bigger programmes open in combination with Storyline...this happens.

Chris Pantling

Just to chime in - this happens to me regularly as well. It happens whether I have lots of windows open or just a few and happens on multiple different machines. I've even seen it when a trainer was delivering Storyline training to a class. 

It has persisted from version to version for as long as I can remember. Alt-tabbing from Storyline to another program and back again is a risky business.

This has happened as far back as Storyline 2 - Except in Storyline 2 you could right click on the window in the task bar and "Restore".

This doesn't work for Storyline 360, I've been forced to close it on several occasions.