The Articulate Storyline timeline is a great way to control the action on your slide. Here are three time-trimming tips to sync your timings perfectly with fewer clicks and keystrokes.

1. Use the Storyline Playhead

When I first started using Storyline, I didn’t realize that Storyline positioned items on the timeline in relation to the playhead. I’d insert an item and wonder, “Why did Storyline put it at the 3 second mark, or at 10 seconds when I wanted it at the beginning of the timeline?” Then I learned that when an object is inserted, its position on the timeline is dictated by the current location of the playhead. You can actually turn this into a time-saver: if you want an item to appear at the 10 second mark, simply place the playhead at the 10 second mark on the timeline and insert your object.

2. Work Top to Bottom

You can also save time by aligning on-screen items using the timeline. Maybe you’ve seen that when you add items to the screen, they appear on the top of the timeline, before other items on the screen. Storyline does this intentionally, so use it to your advantage. Say you want to bring an item that’s buried beneath several other objects on the screen to the top layer. Simply drag the object to the top position on the timeline and voila—you’ve changed its position to the top layer on-screen as well!

3. Label Your Assets

Did you know that you can name every item you place on the screen? Simply click the item in the timeline and give it a moniker. It may seem like a lot of work at the start, but it’s a huge time-saver once you start adding interactions to your Storyline project. Look at the two images below to see the difference. 

The image on the top has items labeled in the timeline; the image on the bottom does not. Labeled assets save a lot of time and potential frustration when you’re selecting items in the triggers dialog. For example, let’s say you’re creating a drag and drop interaction.  The image below shows you how much easier it is to select items when you have them labeled!

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