We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re up against a short deadline or struggling to find some inspiration. You have your course content ready to go, but you’re not quite sure where to begin with your design. Whether you’re brand new to e-learning or a seasoned expert, turning to a course template might be the solution you need to kickstart your next e-learning development project. 

Thanks to Content Library 360, you can choose from hundreds of professionally designed, ready-to-go slide templates with cohesive design and color themes—all of which are completely customizable. Each one is crafted by the industry’s best e-learning designers, so you have all the elements you need to create an effective course in no time at all. And with Content Library 360 integrated right into Storyline 360, you can start adding slide templates to your project without interrupting your workflow! 

To view the different options, check out the table below. For help getting started, check out the links at the bottom of this article.

Slide Template Sets 

Essence template (32 layout options)

Project a luxe, modern vibe with the Essence template.

Vitality template (36 layout options)

Keep it simple with Vitality’s straightforward and easy-to-follow design.

Synergy template (32 layout options) 

Synergy templates elevate your design while unpacking intricate content.

Illuminate template (33 layout options) 

Distill complex topics with Illuminate’s mixed layout options and trendy design.

Radiance template (32 layout options) 

Give your next project a cool, bright, and modern feel with the Radiance template.

Affinity template (32 layout options) 

Go bold. Organize complex ideas with Affinity’s high-contrast, interactive design.

Serenity template (32 layout options) 

Airy Serenity templates provide plenty of room for all your important content.

Inspire template (33 layout options) 

Give important professional content an editorial feel with Inspire templates.

Vibrance template (35 layout options) 

Charming design details make Vibrance templates pleasant and professional.

Vision template (40 layout options) 

Bold images and clean visual layouts make Vision templates a go-to for any course.

Velocity template (43 layout options) 

Velocity templates use blocks of color and full-slide images to highlight content.

Tectonic template (34 layout options) 

Get to the point with dark Tectonic templates. Great for corporate training.

Resonate template (37 layout options) 

Use the Resonate template set to dazzle learners with striking, high-contrast design.

Quantum template (36 layout options) 

Make an impact. Use Quantum templates to give your images the space they deserve.

Opportunity template (36 layout options) 

Grid layouts and emoji-style icons make Opportunity templates professional and fun.

Momentum template (42 layout options) 

Use Momentum templates to present course content in a beautiful and modern layout.

Journey template (34 layout options) 

Dress up content with the on-trend shapes and styling of Journey templates.

Harmony template (34 layout options) 

Color blocking and minimalist icons imbue Harmony templates with a distinctive feel. 

Fractal template (40 layout options) 

From the unique background to sleek charts, Fractal templates make a statement.

Focus template (41 layout options) 

Focus templates feature photographic layouts, modern icons, and sleek chart styles.

Evolve template (34 layout options) 

Evolve slide templates use icons and large images to make course content pop.

Integrity template (36 layout options) 

Make your course stand out with bold, high-contrast Integrity templates.

Perspective template (33 layout options) 

Minimal slides and a dark theme give this modern template set a sleek feel.

Diversity template (34 layout options) 

The Diversity template set gives any type of training an elegant look and feel.

Axis template (34 layout options) 

Look sharp! The angular shapes in this template set emphasize your content.

Chroma template (36 layout options) 

With hexagonal accents, Chroma slide templates make courses look fresh and modern.

Clarity template (34 layout options) 

Give your course content a vibrant stage with modern and sleek Clarity templates.

Vigor template (33 layout options) 

Give any course a polished look with this simple and effective template set.

Flow template (34 layout options) 

Go with the Flow. Give your course an active, edgy look with this template set.




More templates coming soon!


Whether you’re using templates for creative inspiration or to kickstart development, these fully functional slides will have you creating professional-looking courses in no time at all. And the best part is you can customize them to fit the look and feel of your project. 

To learn how to use and customize Content Library 360 slide templates, check out these articles: 

Inspired by any of the templates listed above? Let us know how you plan to use them in your next e-learning project! 

Want to use these templates for your own e-learning courses, but don’t have Articulate 360? Start a free 30-day trial, and come back to E-Learning Heroes regularly for helpful advice on everything related to e-learning. 

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