What makes Articulate AI unique? It all started with a singular focus: Develop a tool, not a toy. Sure, AI is entertaining. But we recognized that what you really need as e-learning pros is functionality—something that inspires, elevates, and enables human creators to get things done.

So, how did we get there? Our developers called in the experts, partnering with e-learning pros every step of the way. The result is a suite of features built with course creators like you, for you. Let’s pull back that creation curtain and unveil how the scene unfolded.

Consulting L&D Pros at Every Stage

Articulate’s talented team of engineers, product developers, and designers didn’t work in a vacuum. From planning through creation, testing, modifying, and scaling, Articulate AI is the direct result of ongoing input and feedback from people who live and breathe e-learning.

It started with consulting experts both inside and outside Articulate. As production began, the collaborative efforts only skyrocketed. Business as usual for us meant regular brainstorming sessions, routine updates, rapid-fire discussions, shared docs, testing, working meetings, and feedback, feedback, feedback. 

Shaping the AI Features and Interface

What was the result of all that collaboration? E-learning experts helped define what features Articulate prioritized and how the AI interface works today. More specifically, the L&D pros:

  • Molded the workflow. They shared their typical workstreams and outputs with developers—ensuring that Articulate AI would work for you, not against you.
  • Influenced features. L&D pros brainstormed AI’s limitations and values and presented their findings, pitching ideas and rating features by the potential impact on Rise 360 work.
  • Refined outputs. They helped shape ideal AI outputs, influencing decisions around what questions AI should ask and when, how many outputs AI should generate, and how frequently you should touch base with AI before getting your final results. 
  • Shaped the user interface. E-learning creators further helped our product designers customize how AI shows up to bring you a seamless and easy-to-understand authoring experience.

Setting the Benchmark

Articulate’s e-learning experts worked tirelessly throughout testing to help ensure you get the best possible AI outputs. Here’s how these subject matter experts made a difference:

  • Improved back-end prompt instructions. Leveraging e-learning best practices, they helped craft and test back-end prompt instructions to improve output quality.
  • Developed the standard. Our e-learning experts also developed weighted criteria for judging the AI outputs against instructional design frameworks—setting the benchmark for what “good” looks like.
  • Testing the features. Who better to judge AI than those who use Articulate’s tools every day? With each update, the pros tested the features, assessed what worked and what didn’t, and shared their findings with developers.

The Result? Tailored AI That Delivers Results

The deep collaborative efforts paid off. Today, Articulate AI is specialized to meet your needs as an e-learning creator. Rather than offering a one-click magic button with subpar results, Articulate AI complements your workflow. The built-in processes keep humans at the center, incorporating instructional design best practices and enabling you to iterate every step of the way.


Developed with direct, ongoing input from e-learning experts, Articulate AI empowers you to do more. Magic happens when great minds come together—and a whole lot of minds are melding to create Articulate AI. We can’t wait to share that magic with you!

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