Get Review 360 comments in context as you work in Storyline 360, eliminating back-and-forth toggling between apps. With integrated comments, you can address stakeholder feedback, reply to and resolve comments, and add suggested images in real-timeā€”all in one place.

View Comments

Review 360 comments only appear in Storyline 360 courses you've published to Review 360. Once you upload content to Review 360, the Comments panel instantly appears on the right of the screen.

To view comments, select a slide and click the triangle in the upper right corner of the Comments panel. Comments are tied to specific slides, so the comments in the panel change as you move from one slide to another.

Each comment includes a screenshot of how the slide looked when the stakeholder added feedback, providing context for your edits. Click the screenshot hyperlink to maximize the image in your web browser.

Linked Review 360 Items

When you publish multiple Review 360 items for a project, you can navigate and address stakeholder feedback for each right in Storyline 360. Once you republish your project as a new item in Review 360, the Comments panel displays a drop-down menu where you can easily switch between items.

Drop-down menu example

Linked Review 360 items are retained in Storyline 360 when you save your project as a new file, make a copy of it, or upload it to the cloud. When you share project files, collaborators have access to slide comments from linked Review 360 items unless you password-protect your content or only let invited users view your item.

You can unlink Review 360 items by saving the project as a Storyline template, uploading it to team slides, or creating a new file and importing the slides.

Add Text and Images From Comments

Apply text from comments to the corresponding slide by hovering over the text and clicking the arrow icon.

Add images from comments to corresponding slides. Hover over the asset and click the magnifying glass icon that displays, then click the arrow icon next to the enlarged version of the image. You can also download the image from the comment.

Post Comments

Continue collaborating with stakeholders directly in Storyline 360. Place your cursor in a comment box or reply field, type your comment or paste text from your clipboard, then click the Post button. If you change your mind, click Cancel. Your comments automatically sync with the discussion in Review 360.

Hover over your posted comments for edit and delete options.

Resolve and Reopen Comments

Resolve addressed comments to keep the Comments panel from getting cluttered. Hover over an individual comment or the first comment in a discussion thread, then click the check mark icon that appears.

You can also reopen a comment or discussion that was previously resolved. Check the Show resolved comments box, hover over the comment, then click the green check mark icon that appears.

Understand Compatibility

Integrated comments are exclusive to Storyline 360 as of July 2023. You can open, edit, and publish projects with integrated comments in Storyline 3 and earlier versions of Storyline 360. However, in-app comments won't display.