One of the great things about Review 360 is how easy it is to jump back and forth between versions so that you can compare and contrast changes made to your course. 

But with versioning comes questions. How do I know which is the current version? Are my comments on one version still visible if a new version is added? And do I need to send my reviewers a fresh link every time I create a new version?

Let me walk you through the answers to these questions and more!

How Do You Publish a New Version of a Course to Review 360?

Versioning in Review 360 happens automatically when you publish a fresh version of a course. If you’ve already published the course to Review 360, simply select Publish a New Version of an Existing Item (if it’s not already selected) and make sure the correct course name appears in the drop-down menu. When you do that, the updated version will be available via the same link and you’ll be able to see all of the previously published versions. 

However, if you select Create a New Item, it’ll generate a new link that won’t show any previous versions.

How Are Versions Numbered?

If you’ve published multiple versions of a course, the first is called Version 1 and the most recent is called Current Version. Any additional versions you’ve exported in between the first and latest versions are numbered, counting up from 1. You can access previous versions from the drop-down menu located under the title.

Do I Need to Send an Updated Link to Reviewers? 

Once you provide reviewers with a share link to your exported Review 360 course, they have access to every version of the course, not just the most recent version. So, if you send out a link and then find a typo, you can simply correct it and republish without anyone even noticing. Though, as mentioned earlier, reviewers can take a look at earlier versions via the version menu and see how the content’s evolved. 

The only reason you’d need to send out an updated link is if you decide to create a new item instead of publishing a new version of an existing item, as explained in the first section of this article.

But What If Someone Comments on an Earlier Version?

When you share your course with reviewers, they’ll always see and therefore comment on the latest version. If they try to comment on a previous version, they’ll see an error message:

But what if you publish a new version after they leave their feedback? Will their comments go away? Will you have to view the old version of the course to be able to see them?

No and no.

It doesn’t matter which version people comment on. The comment stays visible until it's resolved—even if you publish a new version. 

In Review (360) ...

Review 360 makes version control seamless—just republish your course and voilà. And because the link never changes and comments span all versions, you can rest easy knowing that everyone always has access to the latest version. 

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