Timer on Preview?

Feb 16, 2022

Is there a way to show a timer on Preview, so that when making notes while previewing a slide we can see exactly when things are happening?

If not, that would be extremely helpful.  Right now I'm using a stopwatch, but it's pretty cumbersome, and difficult to accurately coordinate with the pause/play buttons on Preview.


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Aleyah Finley

Hey Pablo,

Is this for previewing Quizzes/Knowledge Checks? If so, by adding a timer to the results slide, you will be able to "time" things in preview before publishing your project.

For general slide editing, I believe that the addition of this feature would be a welcome addition to all storyline currently has to offer. I'd definitely recommend sending in a feature request to the Articulate team!

Pablo Miller

Thanks for the link, Aleyah! I just now used it to send the feature

I'm still quite the rookie, and haven't Previewed any Quiz/Knowledge checks
Is that a feature of Preview on Quizmaker?

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Aleyah Finley


That's correct. Go to the ''Slides" tab to create a blank Result slide. From there you can access the "Result Tool" Design tab. You can track from the time the first slide is viewed, or from the time the first question is answered. Set the time and then decide if you'd like it to countdown, or show time elapsed, and it can be seen in preview. This may be a workaround for you to track things when previewing your slides, at least for some aspects of your training modules.