Infographics are a great way to present information in an eye-catching way. This template takes that idea a step further by adding in some interactivity to achieve a truly engaging experience.

See this project in action.

Everything in this template was created directly in PowerPoint, so it’s super-easy to adapt. Simply update the colors, pop in your content, and you’re all set!

If you want to get this exact look and feel, be sure to download the fonts:



Tom Pigram

Hi Allison, I know that my question is vastly off-topic (but for some reason I cannot open a Discussion Topic - though I have tried for days :(). As I know you are a frequent contributor - I would like to ask your kind help with QUIZZES in POWERPOINT. I am writing elearning courses to help less-advantaged peoples in South East Asia - and while I am very good at PowerPoint - it seems I am incapable of writing Quizzes which has either a redo or move on button + a Total corrrect answers and test pass + download Certificate section. I am expecially astounded because I thought until now that powerpoint was very good - but alas its not, it seems in teaching me how to create all these features for an elearning course. I am at my wits end - and cannot find samples of other peoples success in c... Expand

Allison LaMotte