Interactive videos in e-learning can be an effective way to enhance your course scenarios, activities, and quizzes. And Articulate Storyline makes working with video super easy.

This Storyline interaction features customizable buttons, quiz questions, feedback layers. I've included a sample video to show you how the timing and interactivity were created.

Storyline 2: Interactive Video Quiz Template

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TutorialLearn more about the template and how to customize it in this article.

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David Anderson
Ricky Nox
David Anderson
Zsolt Olah

If absolutely have to resume the paused video on the base layer after closing a side-layer there's a workaround. First, setup a number variable, let's call it ChangeFlag. Add a trigger on the baseline: if ChangeFlag changes, play the video. Now, on the side-layer, before you close it, you need to adjust the ChangeFlag variable by adding one. Using a Storyline action (adjust variable) will not work because the baseline will not detect the change. The only way the baseline will detect the ChangeFlag change is if you can change that AFTER the sidelayer closed. How you can do that is put this JavaScript trigger on the sidelayer: player=GetPlayer(); setTimeout(function(){ player.SetVar("ChangeFlag",player.GetVar("ChangeFlag")+1); }, 500); This will add 1 to the ChangeFlag variabl... Expand

Michael Fimian