Go from a run-of-the-mill quiz to an engaging trivia game with this free template! Who said learning can’t be fun?

Check it out: Trivia Game

If you want to create you own game but aren’t sure where to start, check out Content Library for some inspiration. I got the idea for this game after stumbling upon the Vibrance template set. As soon as I saw the infographic layout I thought to myself, “That would make a great dial interaction!” And the rest is history. :)

If you like the sound effects, you can find them for free on freesound.org along with many more.

And of course the fonts in this project are also available for free:


cherry beck
Anne Jacoby

Hi Allison, thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I did see that in the slides themselves I could change the numbers (as an example I modified Topic 1 and used only 3 of the slides, modifying the label in each slide 1/3, 2/3, 3/3). My challenge is with slide 1.2. There is a code in each section: %Topic1% / 3 questions answered I was able to change the 5 to 3 as you see by editing the State. It's the number in %Topic1% that is posing a problem. The behavior seems to be deferring to a code which references the initial slide numbering. I deleted the original 1st and the 4th slides because it is counting to 5 with this %Topic1% When I preview, I turn the dial to Topic 1 and it sits on 1/3 on slide 1.2 and does not go to the question slide (I am assuming because I deleted the first slide). ... Expand

Allison LaMotte
Lynn Nester
Melissa Lyon