Are you looking to create more engaging interactions that everyone can experience? Some course creators mistakenly think they have to avoid certain online learning activities in order to meet accessibility guidelines. This accessible Storyline 360 drag-and-drop chat template dispels that misconception and shows just how easy it is to create engaging interactions that work for every learner.

If you’re an Articulate 360 subscriber, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how to create something like this by checking out the webinar I did on How to Create an Accessible Drag-and-Drop Interaction in Storyline 360

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Samantha Kiln
Sarah Hodge

Hi Samantha! It sounds like your project is going well! As for your drag-and-drop interaction, Sally Wiedenbeck shared this download file that seems similar to what you’re looking to do: Another option I can think of (that could work similarly to the template I made here) would be to introduce all the options and drop fields, and then focus on one drop field at a time. Then have the learner select all the options that go into that one drop field. This makes it so the motion path always goes to that drop field. Then move onto the next drop field and repeat by having the learner select all options that go into that field. I haven’t tried building this yet, but just... Expand

Marianne Seidler
Sarah Hodge

Thank you, Marianne! Great questions! From what I understand, when it comes to states, the states names aren't automatically added in the alt text. But as I was researching a little more on this topic, I realized I incorrectly explained that custom message text on the first slide. Screen readers can read the text when it changes if you select the accessibility checkbox for the new text within that added state and edit the Alt Text. Here's a video example by Maria that shows what that looks like (using shapes and editing the ALT text): As for using States for color changes, those are just visual enhancements, and the change of color is not recognized by a screen reader so don’t rely on color alone to co... Expand

Sarah Hodge
Barry Stoner