Have learners race against the clock in this fun, game-like quiz. This Storyline 360 template includes a color-changing timer to signal when time is running out and built-in slide number variables so you can add or remove questions without having to renumber them. 

Download the fonts Roboto and Roboto Black to get the same look and feel.

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Nikki Velonis
Chris Smith
Todd Crowell

First of all, this thing is AWESOME! I love how you did it and I'm using it now. Thank you so much! I wanted to change up the action just a smidge though, because I wanted the Results to only update after the Star Animation was complete. Just a little esoteric thing, but hey, that's me. Anyhoo, during my testing I discovered something weird. So it's totally possible to pause the update until later, BUT there are a few caveats. Here's how - 1. Delete the Correct layer and just leave the Feedback - Correct layer. 2. Move the Submit Pick One 1 trigger into the Feedback - Correct layer. 3. Change the trigger to "When the timeline ends on this layer". 4. Enjoy! I tried to get it to update after the star animation instead of the timeline, however, I could only get it to work wh... Expand

Mariam Elzean
Laura Russian