Want to give learners a safe place to hone their conversation skills? Try a branched scenario! Perfect for practicing what to say, a branched scenario includes realistic questions, responses, and reactions. And because the stakes are low, learners can make mistakes without fear—learning from their stumbles without facing real-world consequences.

Inspired by a branched scenario template and article by Nicole Legault, this new download takes learners through some of the trickiest questions they might be asked in job interviews. Using Storyline 360’s slide layers, you can give custom feedback on each choice without having to add more slides. What’s more, the wide variety of character poses in Content Library 360 means you can also use body language to give learners even more clues about how they’re doing.

Building your course in Rise 360 instead of Storyline 360? You can either bring this download in with the help of the Storyline block or use the scenario block to quickly put together a similar interaction!

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