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Richard Mulcahy
Ira Siegel

Hi Richard, sincere thanks for sharing this as it cut my dev time dramatically and really given me a jump into Storyline after working with Captivate for years. One challenge I am having, I've been trying to figure out a way to reset the selected items after an incorrect selection. If I select A1 and then B1, they are not a match and they remain till I make another selection. I now know A1 and A3 are a match but I cannot reselect A1 as it is still visable. I can select A3 which clears the previous selection and then select A1 so mechanisims other then a clear work. I'm sure there is more then one way to do this, I thought about using a timer to reset but I'm new to Storyline. Any suggestion on best way to reset just the incorrect selections prior to going after another pair? Any help woul... Expand

Richard Mulcahy
Sarah Bezanson