This playful tabs interaction for Storyline 360 features creative button states, image placeholders, and theme fonts and theme colors so you can quickly personalize the template for your own projects.

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Storyline: Notebook Tabs Interaction Template

Margo Williams

Hi Montse, I am using your tab menu template as the overarching structure for my course so that students can use that menu throughout their journey through the course to navigate back to a specific part. This has required converting your template from one slide with multiple layers to multiple slides, each with one layer that represents the "active" tab state for each tab. Then I intend to have the sub-sections within each tab section be subsequent pages. The issue I'm having is that even after I've remapped all the triggers for the tabs so that they each go to the corresponding tab page, the button states for the tabs end up "cummulating." For example, if I go from Home > Tab 1 > Tab 2 > Tab 1, this will show both Tab 1 and Tab 2 in the "selected" state even though only Tab 1 should... Expand