If you’re like a lot of Storyline users, you’ve wanted to create a personality test or magazine-style quiz at some point. And if you haven’t yet, chances are one day you will!

Unlike standard quiz questions, personality quiz questions don’t have correct answers. That’s because the purpose of a personality quiz isn’t to check your knowledge; it’s to classify you into a given category based on your responses. Whether your categories are personality types or knowledge levels, these kinds of quizzes can be a useful tool. And now that you have this ready-made Storyline* template, all that’s left to do is plug in your content and you’re good to go!

See this project in action.

Curious to know how this template was created? Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

*This template will work for folks using Storyline 360, the continuously updated version of Storyline included in Articulate 360. Want to try it out? Get a free trial of Articulate 360 right here.

Sage Media Productions

Hi Allison, This was super helpful and leads me in the right direction of what I am trying to accomplish. I am trying to create a "form" response that looks like a likert scale with radio buttons for 5 different scenarios. Ideally each scenario will have a "score card" on 5 separate slides. Each score card would total 6 criteria, which will then be awarded a point value ranging from 1-4 points depending on how the test taker feels each of the 6 criteria contributed to the scenario, there are no correct answers and each user will have a unique response and score. I am currently attempting this with a "Pick Many" quiz and have included 24 individual radio buttons that I am currently assigning triggers to. Ultimately I want the results slide to show the individuals score and a... Expand

Allison LaMotte