This free e-book by world-famous e-learning guru Tom Kuhlmann, author of The Rapid E-Learning Blog, will turn you into an e-learning pro in no time.

Tom will walk you through foundational e-learning concepts, explain common terms, and introduce you to the different types of tools you’ll use. He’ll also give you a top-to-bottom framework for partnering with stakeholders, gathering needed resources, and developing your online course effectively and efficiently.

In this fundamental e-book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set yourself up for success by defining learning objectives connected to your customer’s goals
  • Choose the right e-learning authoring tool for the job
  • Create effective information- or performance-based e-learning courses
  • Select the right kind of instructional approach to accomplish your goals
  • Establish a successful, repeatable process you can use to work efficiently
  • Measure and improve upon your success

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