Here's an interactive e-learning style guide I created for a mock tech company called "Dynamic Fuse." It makes heavy use of Rise 360 interactions like the accordion block, flip cards, sorting block, and the Storyline block to deliver loads of engaging, interactive ways to explore e-learning design standards. 

View this project in action

Creating an interactive style guide like this is so easy with Rise 360.  I think the results are beautiful and professional—and will be a breeze to keep up-to-date as standards evolve.

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Trina Rimmer
Trina Rimmer
Shirley Dosky
Shane Traynor

This is really great Trina. Quick tip for you Shirley - unless your learners have unlimited internet access, use SL for the scenarios and save in a RISE block. Scenarios are easy to build once you've done a couple, just use the SL template, modify and customise however you want - it will not take you long to learn. Why not just use the RISE scenario template instead? Well because the scenario function in RISE is extremely simple and easy but results in extremely heavy file size (due to the way it manages images it seems) - this is no good if you are creating a mobile-friendly course or your learners have measured bandwidth. Not a problem though if all your learners are on PCs and have unlimited internet, then use RISE - its almost foolproof and a great way to build decent eLearn... Expand