As an instructional designer, I often have clients who want me to create courses for large groups of learners with different needs. The problem with this approach is that when you try to create a course that meets everyone’s needs, it usually ends up fitting no one’s needs perfectly.

To illustrate the importance of tailoring content for a specific group of learners, I  decided to create a set of examples on the same topic but for different audiences. This one is for people with little to no prior knowledge regarding food allergies. 

Explore this project.

When you’re done checking out this course, head over here to view another course on the same topic, but geared toward people who’ve been newly diagnosed with food allergies.

After viewing both courses, hopefully you’ll see why it’s important to clearly define your target audience and tailor the course content to their needs.

Interested in learning more about how to do this? Read this article, where I break down my process: Why & How to Tailor Content to Different Audiences.

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