Whether you’re required to build accessible e-learning or just trying to do the right thing, applying the WCAG standards results in a better learning experience—for everyone. But with so many guidelines, how do you know where to start? Not to worry! We’ve put together this Rise 360 resource to help guide you on your journey to creating fully accessible e-learning—including tips for implementing WCAG guidelines using Articulate apps. We hope this asset makes it easier for you to apply the guidelines so you can create enjoyable and empowering learning experiences for every learner. 

Feel free to bookmark this resource so you can reference it later, or send yourself a copy to add to your Rise 360 dashboard. If you don’t have access to Rise 360, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360.

Tom Buckley
Seth Merriam

This information is great, thanks for pulling it together. I do have a related question though: What is everyone's experience trying to review the material with JAWS or VoiceOver? I don't find it to be impossible, but it's still not working as I had hoped. Perhaps I'm using it wrong, but I still hear "blank" a lot, and also find commands be hit or miss. For example the commands to read continuously in JAWS only read a very little bit and then stop, but the same command in VoiceOver reads pretty much everything. I'd love to hear if folx have tips (i.e. let me know if I'm just not doing it correctly). I used these commands for JAWS: (https://dequeuniversity.com/screenreaders/jaws-keyboard-shortcuts#jaws-getting_started), and these for VoiceOver: (https://dequeuniversity.com/screenreaders/... Expand

Marvie Mulder