Rise 360 can create so much more than traditional e-learning courses. Take, for example, our Training Trailblazers activity at the 2023 Articulate User Conference. It was a collaborative, in-person experience where teams of e-learning professionals worked together to solve a tricky training request. And for it to go smoothly, those teams needed quick access to project steps, note-taking tools, and other resources.

That’s where a Rise 360 microlearning project came in to help.

Using key features from this app, we created a flexible, interactive guide to assist with each stage of the activity:

  • Stepped navigation allowed it to function as presenter slides for the activity kickoff and step-by-step instructions for participants to follow independently afterward. 
  • A Storyline block made it simple to randomly assign a project topic for each group. 
  • Accordion blocks and flashcard grids allowed us to tuck information away until people needed it. 
  • Image blocks made it easy to share links via QR codes generated in another tool. That made including other sites in the activity—such as using Typeform to collect team notes and ideas—as simple as scanning the code with a phone. 

The guide had all the information participants needed in one spot. And that allowed us to streamline the activity processes and use everyone’s time efficiently.

Explore this example.

Want to create a similar activity guide yourself? You can speed up development using the blank template we created based on this activity! Click here to send an editable copy to your Rise 360 dashboard. If you don’t have access to Rise 360, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360. And subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest e-learning examples.

Bianca Woods